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  • kolb reflection model

    What is Kolb’s Learning Model or Learning Cycle?

    David Kolb has been a pioneer in experiential learning, visualising his theory in his Learning Model (1984). His model depicts a cycle. The following is a visua

  • simple random sampling

    What is Simple Random Sampling (SRS)?

    Have you ever wondered how researchers get insights from a large group of people? Imagine trying to understand the movie preferences of all teenagers in your co

  • functions of hr managers

    What are the functions of an HR manager?

    The Human Resources Manager or HR manager is a person who ensures that employee benefits are covered in the organisation. It is one of the most important functi

  • knowledge management

    What is Knowledge Management and Its Benefits?

    Knowledge management (KM) is the management of information within an organisation so that its intended users can effectively use it. Knowledge management (KM) i

  • human services

    What is meant by human services?

    The field of human services has received a lot of attention from the researchers in last few decades. But what does the term actually mean? The term human servi

  • bsbinn601 - lead and manage organisational change

    BSBINN601 – Lead and manage organisational change

    Assessment Task 1 Instructions Explain the key phases of a change management process. Change management is an important process in order to implement a change s

  • bsbldr811

    BSBLDR811 – Lead Strategic Transformation

    Assessment Task 1: Knowledge Questions Discuss four (4) styles of leadership and the impact of each of the identified styles on organisational culture. Autocrat

  • the theories of learning

    What are the Theories of Learning?

    Learning theory defines how pupils absorb, process, and remember knowledge during learning. Understanding, or a world perspective, is gained or altered, and inf

  • total cost concept

    The Total Cost Concept and Logistics Systems Analysis

    The total cost concept and logistics systems analysis are two important aspects of supply chain management. In this post, we will understand the meaning and app

  • social work practice models

    4 Most Popular Social Work Practice Models

    Social work practice models can be defined as frameworks or concepts that guide the delivery of social work services. These models provide a structured approach

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