What is meant by human services?

The term human services is broad and can describe several different types of things and organisations, which may seem quite different on the surface, yet they can be quite similar at their core.

For instance, many schools can be considered to offer human services, but they can also be thought of as offering health, education, sports, or art services, and they are all important to society.

Human Services

Human services are those that are provided to people in need of assistance with everyday living. This could include help with housing, food, clothing, and other basic necessities. It also encompasses more specialized services, such as mental health counselling and substance abuse treatment. The goal of human services is to help people live more independent, self-sufficient lives.

There is a wide range of human services organizations out there, all providing different types of assistance. Some are government-funded, while others are privately run. Some provide short-term assistance, while others offer long-term support. No matter what their particular focus, all human services organizations share a common goal: to help those in need.

Human services involve sectors that affect the quality of life, for example, health, housing, elderly care, disability services and family assistance. The topics mentioned in your book are basic areas of human services activity. Human service employees are a common term for those who operate in these fields. In this category, you’ll find anything from paediatricians to community health professionals to social workers to youth workers. Governments, non-government organisations, international companies, religious organisations and charity organisations operate human services organisations.

As the term is used, “human service” (human services) includes all programmes and services that benefit the human condition and well-being.

  • Physical health services that include preventive health care; rehabilitation and physical and occupational therapy; dental care; and, for older adults, prescription drugs
  • Social services that include legal services; employment, training and placement services; and social and personal support programmes and services
  • Cultural services that include health care for people with special health needs and culturally diverse communities
  • Education services that include early intervention services for infants and toddlers and early learning, preschool, and special education services
  • Psychosocial support services include advocacy and support for people with disabilities and their families, health promotion, mental health services for children and youth, and community development programmes.

Role of Human Service Workers: Advocacy, Counselling, and Support

Human service workers wear many hats, serving as advocates, counsellors, and supporters for individuals, families, and communities facing diverse challenges. They champion their clients’ rights, needs, and access to resources by speaking up to institutions, lobbying for funding, and educating the public.

As counsellors, they offer a listening ear, empathy, and guidance, helping clients develop coping mechanisms, problem-solving skills, and access to specialised mental health professionals when needed. In their support role, they connect clients to essential resources like food banks, shelters, and healthcare, assist with paperwork and applications, teach valuable life skills, and offer educational and career guidance.

Collaborating with other professionals, and human service workers across settings like community centres, hospitals, and schools, play a vital role in empowering individuals and communities to thrive.


Human service workers are like superheroes for people in need. They fight for what’s fair, listen when times are tough, and lend a helping hand. They connect people with food, shelter, and healthcare, and teach them valuable skills like budgeting and finding jobs. From schools to hospitals, these everyday heroes work tirelessly to make our communities stronger.

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