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Get reviews and price comparison of the best web hosting companies along with tips and tricks about hosting your website on the web.

  • free website hosting

    Top 5 Free Web Hosting Companies in 2023

    Whether you are a student making a website for your college project or someone learning to create and host websites, free web hosting services can save you a lo

  • uptime and downtime in web hosting

    What are Uptime and Downtime in Web Hosting?

    Regarding web hosting, two essential terms that every website owner should be familiar with are uptime and downtime. These terms describe how much time a websit

  • top level domain

    What is a Top Level Domain (TLD)?

    In the world of website creation and online business, many technical terms and concepts can be overwhelming for newcomers. One of these terms is Top Level Domai

  • disable directory browsing

    How to Disable Directory Browsing on Your Web Server

    If you have a website hosted on a web server, it’s important to take measures to protect your website from security vulnerabilities. One such vulnerabilit

  • fix error 499

    How To Fix the HTTP 499 Error

    The HTTP 499 error code is a client-side error that indicates that the client (e.g., a web browser) has closed the connection before the server can send a respo

  • how to get a free domain name in 2022 different methods

    How to Get a Free Domain Name in 2023

    The domain should be your first step if you’re prepared to begin a new website. You can understand why this initial step is essential given that the domai

  • shared hosting vs dedicated hosting

    5 Main Differences Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting

    When it comes to the all-important decision of which web hosting approach to choose, shared hosting and dedicated hosting are the two viable options. There are

  • top 5 web hosting services in india with indian data centres

    Top 5 Web Hosting Services in India with Indian Data Centres

    There are a large number of web hosting service providers in India. Choosing the best out of them can be a difficult task. This is because with the vast number

  • 5 reasons to not use free cloudflare cdn

    5 Reasons to Not Use Free Cloudflare CDN

    Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) has gained significant attention as a potent tool for improving website performance and security in the consta

  • log4j vulnerability

    How to Fix Log4j Vulnerability?

    The Log4j vulnerability, also known as CVE-2021-44228, is a critical security flaw in the Apache Log4j 2.x library, which is widely used in many Java-based appl

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