What are the functions of an HR manager?

Who is an HR Manager?

The Human Resources Manager or HR manager is a person who ensures that the employee benefits are covered in the organisation. It is one of the most important functions of an HR manager.

Other titles for a human resources manager are human resource director or director of human resources. The HR manager is responsible for ensuring the welfare of the employees is not compromised by the organisation and it has some benefits for them.

An HR manager is often the first contact that a person has with their work. An HR manager or supervisor is responsible for human resources and maintains a working relationship with a company’s employees, vendors, and outsourcing partners. The manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of human resources, the hiring and promotions of employees, and the general well-being of the company.

The role of an HR manager has changed a lot over the years, but the purpose has remained the same – to develop employees and help in their career growth.

Functions of an HR Manager

The HR manager is responsible for hiring the right people for the position as well as terminating those who are not the right fit for the job. In most cases, an HR manager is also in charge of training the new employees. The HR manager is the one who decides the performance-based pay structure for each employee, so it is very important for him to look at the job requirements and create a suitable pay structure for the employees.

In addition, HR managers sometimes provide guidance to executives on issues such as workplace diversity or compensation. Finally, they can play a role in negotiating labour contracts.

There is so much on the Internet, but it is full of confusing information. Let’s clear things up and talk about the functions of an HR manager.

functions of an hr manager

Know how to improve the job efficiency and motivate the employees

If the HR manager is a good manager, he/she should know the reasons for the workers’ dissatisfaction. They can help them solve their problem and understand their needs. In return, the workers will be more active and helpful. If he/she doesn’t, there may be friction between employees and managers.

An HR manager also looks at the benefits of any the employees as well as his/her performance. This ensures that the employee is being rewarded and not just being given a paycheck.

Make sure there are legal agreements between all parties

In any dispute between workers and managers, there may be issues regarding employees’ legal status or compensation. The HR manager needs to familiarize himself with the legal implications of the new labour law and make sure there are no issues regarding legal agreements.

Make sure the company complies with all the labour laws

It is a manager’s duty to protect the rights of his/her employees by ensuring compliance with labour laws. For example, every employer needs to inform workers about their rights, provide opportunities to discuss problems, inform workers of all changes, etc.

Be prepared to deal with possible conflict

No matter what position an HR manager has in the company, he/she needs to be ready for a conflict. They should know the history of the company and keep in touch with the old employees. Sometimes, old workers are not on the best terms with new ones. Thus, it is important for the HR manager to know the reasons for a conflict, to avoid it.

Keep track of every aspect of an employee’s working process

An HR manager can manage all details regarding an employee’s work, from an application form to salary reviews. All such details can have a huge impact on the overall efficiency of the company.

In addition, they ensure that the benefits and compensation that are offered to the employees are in line with the company’s goals. Their goal is to ensure that the employees are happy, motivated, and productive. In a big company, HR managers are given more responsibilities. However, their role remains the same.


With the right HR manager on board, the entire company will benefit by having proper leadership and supervision. HR Managers are able to find the best people and get them the right position in the company that will further benefit all of the other employees in the company.

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