5 Cool Custom Data Dashboards You Can Make With Google Sites


Google Sites is one of the most convenient ways to create and publish a website with the least amount of effort. With the tools available in Google Sites, you can actually create very useful personal dashboards that can boost your organization and productivity.

In this article, you’re going to see how you can use Google Sites to create some very cool dashboards that can:

Monitor your email
Analyze your website performance
Create a time management system
Stay informed with live news
Save your favorite locations

1. Email Monitoring Dashboard

One of the most annoying things about email is that you need some kind of email client to know […]

How to Automatically Log Your Daily Life to Google Sheets

Life can blind us with its routine. Let’s turn to Google and open up new opportunities to improve your life? The simple act of life logging with Google Sheets can uncover details which often go unnoticed. You don’t have to sweat because you can do it automatically. There’s no special knowledge required.

In this article, we’re going to cover five specific examples of how a daily log of your life activities can be used to identify opportunities. These might uncover opportunities to improve your health, saving money, or even your relationships.

The examples used here require only simple Google Script code to […]

5 Signs Your WordPress Site Was Hacked (And How to Avoid It)


Your WordPress site is suddenly behaving oddly. Perhaps a drop in traffic, or a changed theme, or maybe even new content. And now you can’t log in.

The answer to this mystery is simple: your site has been hacked. Here’s what to look for, and what to do about it.

1. You Don’t Recognize Your Website

You have a routine, as the owner of a website or blog (WordPress is suitable for either


7 Differences That May Surprise You

In the worlds of web hosting and site building, there are few names bigger than WordPress and Squarespace. Both are popular choices that offer a lot of functionality. So how do you decide which to use?

Why Squarespace vs. WordPress Isn’t a Fair Fight

When comparing Squarespace and WordPress, it’s important to remember that the two have somewhat different purposes. As we’ll see, Squarespace offers highly packaged solutions for hosting sites on their own servers.

WordPress, on the other hand, is a content management system


The 10 Best Programming Games to Test and Build Your Coding Skills

Programming is fun once you’re confident and know what you’re doing, but getting to that point can be a grueling experience.

Which is why, in between classes and lectures and tutorials, you should set aside time to play these programming games and challenges. Not only do they serve as fun breaks, but you’ll learn faster and retain more info thanks to the hands-on practice and experience.

Robocode is a complex programming game where you code robot tanks that fight against each other. Your job is to write the artificial intelligence that drives your robots to success—using real languages like Java, Scala, C#, and more. […]

The 15 Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers and Developers

If you’re a programmer who doesn’t use Chrome, you’re in the minority.

There are so many reasons to prefer this browser for programming, such as Google’s massive influence on the direction of the web, the built-in features that make development less frustrating, and the sheer number of available extensions.

That last point is a crucial one. As of February 2018, Chrome holds over 60 percent market share on desktops—it’s no wonder that most extension creators focus their efforts on Chrome first. That said, here are the best Chrome extensions you should be using if you’re a developer of any kind, but especially […]

How to Make Beautiful Coded Web Animations With Mo.JS

If you are looking to start your own website, beautiful looking animations can make it shine. There are multiple ways to achieve this, from simply making an animated GIF from a piece of existing film, to learning to make your own from scratch with software like Blender or Maya.

There are also libraries available to create animations programmatically. Historically, web coders used jQuery to create simple animations, but as the web developed and HTML5 became the new standard, fresh options appeared. CSS libraries for animation became incredibly powerful under the new framework, along with JavaScript libraries designed specifically for vector animation […]