14 ways Laravel can Assist you Achieve your Development Goals

As PHP has become one of the most used programming languages, it has become imperative for businesses to use the best framework for development purposes. One will find an array of PHP-based development frameworks for backend codes. But no other platform is as good and efficient as Laravel.

It not only comes with an array of features that can aid in the development process, but you can also come up with the best solutions for your business.

However, many people are still unaware of the importance of Laravel, which is why we have discussed its 14 significant benefits for the dev team.

14 ways laravel can assist you achieve your development goals

MVC architecture

MVC or Model View Control architecture helps developers divide the codebase into multiple modules and efficiently work on them. It also helps in separating the front end from the backend so that developers can independently work on either case and improve the overall performance. It will also enhance user experience since you can scale the backend and front end independently without impacting the other.


DevOps is one of the best technical concepts that has been extensively used in the IT industry. It helps developers implement continuous integration and delivery pipelines and automate deployment. Therefore, the codes will be continuously integrated with the production environment without the involvement of manual labour. This further reduces the chances of errors occurring in the program.

Latest releases

Laravel is constantly updating. Therefore, you will get new features on this framework with every release. Plus, if there is any major complication in the current version, it will be fixed in the upcoming one, offering developers a golden chance to create the best website. Therefore, efficiency and productivity will increase without much effort. 

Command line tools

One of the main features of Laravel is the presence of a built-in command line tool, also known as Artisan. With it, developers can easily automate repetitive tasks and reduce overall development time. For example, they don’t have to create the webpage skeletal multiple times while coding for the same page but with different functionalities. 

Template engine

The template engine of Laravel is termed Blade, which offers developers more leverage to come up with next-gen solutions and ensure the websites developed can create an optimal user experience. It allows the dev team to implement inheritance and correctly create web pages. As a result, child-to-parent rendering becomes more accessible, and similar types of components can be extended with specific methods. 

Queuing services

Often the requests initiated from the user end are time-consuming and can block the threads. This is where Laravel comes into play. It helps developers implement queues to ensure the priority tasks are handled first, followed by the ones that will take time to complete the process. 


Caching is crucial in loading the HTML codes and executing them as needed. Therefore, every time a user tries to access the website, the codes loaded in the cache memory are rendered. It increases the speed of the website and offers an excellent user experience. In addition, you can also configure multiple cache memory locations to operate the websites in the best possible manner. 

Exception handling

It is crucial to handle the exceptions and find errors through the coding. Laravel allows you to include code snippets for exceptional handling so that the websites can work faster without throwing errors at most times. Also, the log handlers can help you to access the log details and check where the error has occurred. This is one of the reasons why Laravel is considered to be outstanding for backend development. 

Email integration

If you want to integrate mail delivery channels with your website or application, Laravel is the proper framework for you. It comes with APIs for Swift Mailer integrations. In addition, you can easily use the built-in drivers for PHP’s email channel, Amazon SES, and many more. 

Microservice migration

Laravel comes with a framework called Lumen, with which you can migrate your existing software codes to microservice. This will break down the legacy codes into smaller modules for better bug detection, scalability, and flexibility. 


One of the significant security concerns developers try to handle internally is DDoS. It is a process where the hackers send multiple requests to the backend engine, causing the website to stall or give timeout errors to the users who try to access the website simultaneously. But with Laravel, you can include rate-limiting middleware to prevent throttling and DDoS attacks

High-level security

Laravel has excellent security features with which you can safeguard your website and ensure the business doesn’t suffer from any sudden cyber attack or data breaches. With the built-in security package, you can prevent attacks like SQL injection or cross-site scripting. Therefore, no one will be able to manipulate the database, run a JavaScript program, and change the software’s behaviour. 

URL routing

Often websites require the best URL structure to ensure visitors can access a specific website without any error. If you don’t include it while uploading the website codes to the server, users won’t be able to find the web pages. This is where Laravel plays a crucial role, as it allows you to create the URL structure and upload the same in the form of a Closure and a URL. 

Automation testing

Laravel offers an excellent opportunity for automation testing, ensuring a hassle-free testing process for the developed parts of the website. Thanks to the fast compiler, you can write and run the scripts in no time. Plus, the elaborated console helps you check the errors caused during compilation and run time. 


In this article, we have described the top 14 ways Laravel can help you level up the development process and come up with the most innovative solutions. It will further help you secure the software and ensure consistent delivery throughout. Laravel framework is much faster and more efficient when compared to other frameworks based on PHP. Therefore, you should hire the Laravel development company.

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14 ways laravel can assist you achieve your development goals
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