5 Reasons Why Linux is better than Windows

Linux (which can be referred to as an operating system, OS, or similar) was created by a computer scientist named Linus Torvalds.

Linux is free and open source, which means you can study it and change it as you see fit. Linux is mostly used in the world of desktop computers. However, Linux is also used by several other industries. Linux is considered the most powerful OS available in the world, with its many free software applications and its excellent stability.

Although Windows has a good reputation and is the preferred choice for PC users, Linux has many advantages, and it’s hard to imagine a computer without Linux.

It’s much easier to install Linux on a computer than Windows, and in this article, I’ll show you 5 reasons why Linux is better than Windows.

1. Linux is free and open-source.

This means that anyone can view the operating system’s source code and make changes to it. There are no licensing fees for using Linux. This makes it ideal for schools and businesses that want to save money.

Linux started life as an unlicensed, freely available operating system. It was created by a college student, Linus Torvalds, in 1991 while working at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

There are plenty of other examples of free software where you would have been hard-pressed to find a paid-for solution. It’s been around for more than 30 years and has been developed by a huge number of people all around the world. Linux was developed because there was a need for a simpler alternative to the DOS operating systems of the day. This is the thing about software. If it weren’t invented, it would have to be paid for. Software isn’t free because companies make a profit from it. It’s free because users have opted to share it for their benefit.

Microsoft has been known to charge for upgrades and extensions, and of course, Microsoft Office is proprietary.

2. Easy to install a new desktop.

You’ll get many more options to configure a desktop when installing a desktop. So if you don’t like it, you can simply remove the desktop and install another one. If you install a Linux distribution, you’ll be able to use it immediately. But you’ll also be able to upgrade it. Windows often gets a new version, and it will be difficult to update your desktop to the newest version. If you do want to install the latest version of Windows, you can always reinstall it on a new partition. I prefer to keep my installation as clean as possible.

3. Linux is faster than Windows

While Macs and PCs from Apple and other vendors may have a lot of features, they all share one thing in common: They are slow. Linux is generally more lightweight than Windows, meaning it requires fewer system resources to run. This can make it faster, especially on older or less powerful machines.

A desktop or laptop computer that has a hard disk running on Linux will boot in about 30 seconds to a minute, depending on what’s installed on the system. I boot into Ubuntu on a desktop computer that has a solid state drive in less than a minute. The next thing you see is a desktop, a browser window, and all the applications and settings you’ve chosen to run on the desktop.

4. Linux is more secure.

The most common reason I hear Linux users give for switching is that they’re concerned about the security. Even if you don’t see it, the security of your system is not an option. You use Windows to be connected to the internet and to use all the other software that you’ll need. If someone is able to get into your computer, they can easily break in, and that’s where the concern comes from.

In the real world, hackers aren’t just going to randomly start running programs that do things they don’t need to run. In fact, they’ll be looking for easy targets, which means they’ll be making sure that your web browser isn’t configured to point to secure sites. It’s very easy to install and use things that allow remote connection through vulnerabilities. The average computer user doesn’t realize this, but security is not a secondary concern for an IT professional.

Because Windows is so widespread, many hackers are actively looking for ways to break in and get into your computer. They don’t always do things that look harmful, but it can be very easy to screw up, which can do much more damage than you may think. With Linux, the chances of this happening are very low. If you install a program that shouldn’t run, you’ll get an error when you try to use it, preventing it from being used. Tools are available to help prevent people from running unauthorized software, but that doesn’t always stop them from finding new vulnerabilities to exploit. On the other hand, Windows has little or no built-in security for most of the things you do on your computer.

5. Linux has excellent documentation

Linux is fully supported and has fantastic documentation. In addition to a Linux-related book library, many Web sites and blogs are available to help understand Linux. Most of them are focused on technical details and will get you started. One such is the LDP (Linux Documentation Project) which is not only full of documentation but it provides tutorials, tools, and a lot more. You can also use Ubuntu for learning, and it is one of the best Linux flavours for newbies.

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