What is C++ Programming Language ? An Introduction

C++ is a high-level programming language (some consider it as mid-level also) which was developed as a better version of C language. It follows the object-oriented approach. It is considered as middle level as it is closure to low-level programming which is suitable for drivers and kernels and even higher-level for applications, desktop-applications, games, etc.

c++ programming

C++ is widely encouraged for Competitive Programming because of its fast execution and easy to use, it is a versatile tool for Professional Coders. Some advantages of using C++ programming languages are:

  1. Widely used to code and design architecture for Database Engines like MySql, MongoDB,etc.
  2. Most Browsers are programmed in C++ like Chrome and Firefox.
  3. C++ is encouraged for distributed and Cloud Computing.
  4. Many Graphic Engines and Game Engines uses C++.
  5. Many Operating System as well as software like Microsoft Redistributble and DirectX are written on C++.

Students are advised to learn C and then C++ first. As it gives them a basic idea of any programming language and Data Structures. It is fun in learning C++. Learning C and C++ are almost the same, only the main difference that lies in between them are:

  • C++ have OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) support, which emphasis on the main features like Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Inheritance.
  • It requires atleast one function like main() for execution
  • It’s syntax are much easier to learn and hence debugging becomes easy.

In this blog, you will learn from scratch to advance level for C++ programming. If you are a newbie, you can easily learn C++ programming language through this blog and if you are a professional then do give a try to the quiz section to test your knowledge.

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