Unit Testing vs. Integration Testing

The difference between Unit testing and Integration testing:

Unit testing

Integration testing

The unit test is used to test a single module of a system for some sort of specific test.

Integration testing ensures that module or program works together in a set.

It is performed once the programmer builds the program, tests the code, and believes that there is no error in that code.

It is conducted by the analyst or programmer and they take responsibility for the cause of the error.

The unit test ensures that the program must perform the task or function that was originally defined to it.

This testing ensures that the link and the interfaces between the programs work properly.

First, the program is developed, the tester verifies that it is error free, and then the unit test is performed.

The procedure for the integration testing is same as that of unit testing; here also, tests are developed and then according to the tests cases are developed.

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