5 Must-Have Apps and Sites for Freelancers

Apps and Websites for Freelancers

Working as a freelancer can be difficult. Customer negotiations, deadlines and time tracking, bills to file and follow-up all can bog you down.

Consider the following applications and advice to see if they can help reduce some of the strain. You will be unable to obtain employment through any of the resources mentioned in this article. Independent contractor-specific job boards exist. Our focus is on the task itself to increase your effectiveness and productivity.

1. Freelancers Union

A New York-based group called the Freelancers Union aims to defend and empower freelancers in every way possible.

To access the free resource stack, you’ll first need to sign up for a free account. While some of the resources are exclusive to New York or the United States, most of them may be used by anybody.

There’s a bill form, a checklist of tax practises, health insurance answers, and a guide to small claims court. As a freelancer, you must be ready for everything, so the Freelancers Union created this stack.

2. And.Co’s Freelance Contract (Web): Get an Airtight Contract to Protect Your Interests

Being a freelancer can mean getting into legal issues over copyrights and other things. To protect yourself, use the Freelancers Union’s contract creator, made in association with And. Co.

In a step-by-step process, the guide takes you through creating a contract so that there are no misunderstandings later. The Freelancers Union has created this new standard to be a familiar document for both you and your clients. Just key in information where asked, and you’ll have a new contract in no time. Please give it a digital signature and send it to your client, who can then sign and approve it.

In general, And.Co is an excellent tool for freelance professionals. It mixes invoicing, time tracking, project management, and other freelance needs into one app. It can also be overwhelming at first, so give it a try.

3. TopTracker (Windows, Mac, Linux): Free Time-Tracker With Automatic Screenshots

apps sites for freelance professionals

Freelancers often need to charge your clients by the hour, so you have to track how much time you are spending on their work. A time tracking software is an easy way to do it. And TopTracker is perhaps the best free program for desktop users.

With one exception: while you’re working, it automatically captures a screenshot, so you don’t have to worry about it. If your customer ever doubts that you were working on behalf of your client, you may use this document as official evidence. Because you have the option, you can disable screenshots, erase them, or blur them to safeguard your privacy.

Another fantastic advantage of TopTracker is that it is completely free for as many projects as you wish. Most other time-tracking software limits the number of projects or persons that can be added before charging for full capabilities. If TopTracker is not for you, many people consider Toggl to be the best time tracking software for mobile and desktop.

Download: TopTracker for Windows | Mac | Linux Debian | Linux RPM (Free)

4. Invoice.to (Web): Quick Invoice Generator and Tracker

apps sites for freelance professionals

I have been freelancing for several years and looked at a lot of invoice generators. I always fell back to Office software and the awesome free invoice templates available for it. But Invoice.to might make a convert out of me yet.

If you wish to keep track of your invoices, sign in using your Google ID. Otherwise, you may use it as a no-registration tool to rapidly create a bill. Complete the fields for your name or business name, the client’s name and address, payment methods, and other information. To keep track of payments, link your Invoice. To account to your Stripe or Paypal one. Go ahead and click the tiny green arrow at the bottom to send yourself an auto-composed email from Gmail. Send your customer a PDF copy of the updated invoice. Easy-peasy.

Take a Freelancer Course; It’s Worth It

You’re responsible for much more than just your job as a freelancer. You’ve just become your own boss, and you’re in charge of your own business, with yourself as the only employee. Training that will transform your freelancing life may be well worth your time if you’re just starting off as a self-employed worker.

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