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What is DM on Instagram? How to Send a DM on Instagram?

DM on Instagram stands for “Direct Message”. It is a private messaging feature within the Instagram platform that allows users to send and receive private messages with other Instagram users who follow them.

DMs can be sent to an individual user or to a group of users. They can include text, photos, videos, and links. Users can also send disappearing messages that disappear after they have been viewed.

Instagram DMs are not visible in your brand’s feed, profile, or search results. They won’t work for your fans, either. Direct communications are only visible to you and the people you are conversing with.

send a message on instagram
Initiating a direct message on Instagram

How to Send a Message on Instagram

Instagram Direct is how DMs are sent on the platform (PC or Mobile). Consider it an email mailbox where you may store private messages. By clicking on the paper aircraft symbol on both desktop and mobile, you can visit Instagram Direct to check your Instagram DMs. You’ll know there’s an unread DM when you notice a red-numbered notification over the paper aircraft icon.

Without any specific downloads or capabilities, anybody with an Instagram account may create or react to Instagram DMs from the browser version of the programme on a desktop computer. This makes it easy for your brand to respond to a large number of DMs in a short amount of time.

If you’re getting a lot of DMs from many Instagram accounts or multiple profiles on other social media sites, you should use a social media management tool like Hootsuite to handle them.

To see the Instagram DM Messages

  1. Tap send or messenger in the top right of feed.
  2. Tap on the conversation that you want to view or message.

When you use Instagram Direct to send a post from your feed, it will only be accessible to individuals who have previously seen it. If you send a message from a private account, for example, only those who follow that account will be able to view it.

Instagram Direct photos and videos can’t be shared on other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, and they won’t show up on hashtag or location pages.

How to send a Meme, Photo or IGTV Video to someone on Instagram DM?

It’s very common to encounter something in your Instagram feed that makes you laugh out loud (LOL MEMEs) now that it’s loaded with meme accounts (I’m not complaining). What’s more enjoyable than laughing alone? Of course, I’m laughing with my buddies!

Fortunately, Instagram makes sharing posts straight from your feed with your friends and followers is simple. The original poster will not be aware that you sent them an Instagram message, and the messages will not display in their feed, search, or profile.

send a message on instagram
Send a Message on Instagram

Keep in mind that if the original poster has a private Instagram account, your receiver will only be able to see the post if they follow the account that uploaded it. You’re fine to go if the original poster has a public Instagram profile.

Now, let’s look at how to submit a post from your Instagram feed. We’ll skip the stages that need you to open Instagram and log in; if you’ve found anything worth sharing, we’re certain you’ve already done so.

Instagram will pull up a list of your previous chats when you tap on the paper plane Tap send or messenger you wish to post. If you don’t see your intended recipient(s), simply type their Instagram handle into the search field and choose it from the results.

After you’ve chosen your receiver, you may compose a note to send with the package. Make use of the possibility of including a personalized greeting in Instagram DMs, a terrific way to interact with friends and family.

Hopefully, this article has shown you how to DM on Instagram. Instagram’s direct messaging tool is a terrific way to remain in touch with friends and family or connect with people you haven’t yet exchanged phone numbers. Instagram Direct was an amazing new tool that isn’t going away anytime soon, no matter how you use it.

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