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How do Twitch Streamers Make Money

How do streamers on Twitch earn money? Given the site’s prestige, this is a natural enquiry. The solution is a bit difficult, as are most things associated with the internet.

Streamers, especially in the gaming industry, are one of the most popular jobs that millennials want to get into. In addition to becoming famous and well-known, the money some streamers make can be enough to get anyone excited.

If you are still wondering how much streamers make, here is a breakdown of the different ways they make money. This article will discuss how streamers on Twitch might earn money.

What is Twitch?

Amazon owns the live video streaming service Twitch. It was originally designed for streaming video games but has now expanded to include other types of content, such as music and even food. Twitch has over 15 million active users daily and over 2 million unique streamers monthly.

Among gamers, Twitch is by far the most widely used streaming service. Twitch’s huge user base and cutting-edge infrastructure benefit viewers and broadcasters. Twitch is best known for streaming video games, but the service now hosts a wide variety of streams. It’s not just video games that can be streamed; you can also watch streams of live-dealer casinos and entirely digital online casinos. During the Covid-19 shutdown, some podcasters even used the platform to disseminate their content.

Donations and subscriptions are the two main sources of income for Twitch streamers. The Twitch Partners programme distributes a portion of the advertising revenue made by a streamer’s channel to the streamer.


You can support your favourite streamers on Twitch by making a donation. Donations are voluntary, but many streamers’ livelihoods depend on them. PayPal and credit cards are the most common methods of electronic donation.


Twitch streamers can also profit from subscriptions. It costs $4.99 per month to subscribe to a channel on Twitch. This monthly subscription cost is often divided 50/50 with Twitch and the streamer.

Twitch Partners

Users who have been invited to participate in Twitch’s Partner Program are known as “Twitch Partners.” Streamers receive a cut of the advertising money generated by their channel through this service.

Online broadcasters can join the Twitch Partner programme if they apply and are accepted. Once their channel is approved, they can begin selling advertising space. Advertisements can be placed in a user’s Twitch profile and channel.

Special options, such as user-created sub emotes and chat badges, are available only to Twitch Partners. In addition, they are assigned a Partner Manager whose sole responsibility is to aid in the expansion of their channel.

how much do streamers earn
How much Twitch streamers earn

How much do Twitch streamers typically make per month?

Given the wide variety of variables that impact a streamer’s income, this is an exceptionally tough issue to answer. A streamer’s income is determined by several factors, including their level of fame, the number of hours they stream per week, and whether or not they are a Twitch Partner.

However, it has been speculated that the typical Twitch streamer makes $3.50 per hour. This figure is likely to be larger for more well-known streamers, while it’s more likely to be lower for less well-known ones. Many sites have reported that, on average, many successful streamers are able to earn $1500-$5000 per month. However, sky is the limit when it comes to most renowned streamers.

How much money you make has nothing to do with how many views or concurrent viewers you have. There is no link between views and earnings because Bits, subscriptions, and ads are how people make money on Twitch. Having more people watching at the same time will help you make money because those people may donate Bits, subscribe to your channel, or watch ads during your stream.

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Making Money on Twitch: The Step-by-Step Guide

Now that we’ve covered how streamers on Twitch earn money, let’s talk about how you, the viewer, can do the same.

You need a sizable following if you want to monetize your Twitch channel. If you can attract a larger audience, you may charge more prices. Making and vigorously promoting your channel full of high-quality material is essential.

You should also be present on social media, as this may serve as a terrific platform from which to advertise your channel. Be sure to talk to your viewers and offer them something to look forwards to in your broadcasts.

In the end, make sure to start making money off your channel. Revenue generation options include selling ads, donations, and subscriptions. Successful monetization of a Twitch channel can provide a full-time lifestyle for its host, provided they attract a sizable enough audience.

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