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14 Ways to Make Money from Blogging on WordPress

Blogging has grown to be a hugely popular platform for people to share their ideas, passions, and knowledge on a range of subjects.

What was once just a basic online journal has developed into a strong platform that can not only bring about personal fulfilment but also make money.

Are you interested in learning how individuals earn money blogging and how they do it with WordPress sites? Entrepreneurs and small business owners are increasingly generating money online.

Entrepreneurs and small business proprietors With today’s technologies, even non-technical individuals can easily construct a profitable website.

This post will explore how to make money from blogging on WordPress and give some useful tips to transform your passion into money.

1. Create an Amazon Affiliate Store

However, what if you’re not interested in dealing with the headaches associated with selling your own real goods while establishing your own internet store? Utilizing WordPress to construct an Amazon Affiliate store may be an excellent approach to monetising your website.

Basically, you promote Amazon’s products on your website. You earn a commission when your visitors purchase those products through your links. If you have a lot of traffic, this could be a fantastic way to make money.

The affiliate program, known as Amazon Associates, lets you go about this in a couple of ways:

  • Create a new online store that promotes only Amazon products
  • Add Amazon products to your existing eCommerce store.

Starting a blog about a specific topic and selling physical products to help solve your readers’ problems is a smart way for bloggers to make money. This can be done with your own products too, which we’ll cover next.

2. Sell Your Own Physical Products

You may sell something physical to the rest of the world that you’ve created or discovered on your blog. Perhaps you already operate a brick-and-mortar firm and are looking to expand worldwide.

Creating and selling your own physical products takes some planning, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can create low-cost items such as stickers and t-shirts with logos related to your blog, or market more expensive products like ebooks or custom art prints. Once you decide what type of product you want to offer, research similar items already on the market so you understand how much people are willing to pay for them.

3. Display Ads

Another popular technique to earn money by blogging is to include advertisements on your website. There are various ad networks available, but Google Adsense is by far the largest. You earn money when customers view or click on advertisements that Google automatically displays on your site.

AdSense requires that you apply before they will allow you to show their advertisements on your website. Google typically takes around eight hours to assess your application and determine whether you qualify for AdSense.

Once you’re qualified, check out tools like AdSanity that help you stay organized with your ad monetization.

4. Sell an eCourse

If someone loves your products or services enough, they’re pretty likely to want to learn more about you and your methods. If you’ve got some great tips and tricks to share about whatever you blog about, your audience could be willing to buy an eCourse from you.

Online courses are insanely easy to set up with LMS plugins. We recommended using LearnDash with MemberPress. And the coolest part is that you can work on your course upfront, then release it and get recurring passive income whenever someone buys the course. Monetizing your blog long-term is easier to do with passive income like this. Especially because eCourses sell at a much higher price than other premium digital content like ebooks.

5. Sell Ebooks

You still shouldn’t shy away from publishing an ebook to make money blogging with digital products.

For one, it’s really easy to do. You can use a plugin like Easy Digital Downloads to simplify selling your ebook. And ebooks are a smart way to make money blogging because they’re insanely easy to create. If you already have some popular posts on your blog, you can repurpose that content into an ebook. This is a common way bloggers make ebooks fast.

Plus, you can also self-publish your ebook on Kindle Direct Publishing so people can find it on Amazon. This can help bring visitors to your blog and build your brand.

70% of people who visit your website never return. So getting their email address should be a top priority in your email marketing plan. OptinMonster has mastered the art of high-converting pop-ups that aren’t annoying.

One of their wildly popular and effective tools is the Exit-Intent pop-up. It’s a pop-up that appears just as a visitor is about to close your website. A great place to add these pop-ups is on the pages your users leave your site completely, often called exit pages.

7. Accept Guest Posts

While most bloggers accept guest posts for free to help them create user-generated content, you can charge for guest blog posts if you’d like. Keep in mind, that your site has to be large enough and have enough traffic for it to be worth paying for a guest post. But accepting guest posts can save you time, get you fresh content for your blog, and make you some money. Plus, you can add a Stripe or PayPal payment field on your form to collect funds when a user submits their guest post.

8. Affiliate Sales

Successful bloggers usually have an income stream that comes from affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, you use your blog to promote a product and recommend others to buy it. It’s another great way to make money blogging with passive income because once your special link is in place, you automatically earn a commission on product sales through that link.

Affiliate links are awesome because they work everywhere, not just on your website. So you can share the link in other places like your brand’s social media platforms and still make money.

You can use a tool like Pretty Links Pro to help organize your affiliate links and marketing plan. Many affiliate programs exist, but ShareASale is a hugely popular player with successful bloggers who make money online.

If you don’t do it too often, publishing a sponsored post that someone paid you to write is a great, easy way to make money blogging.

10. Start a Podcast

A simple way to make an audience fall in love with you and your brand is to hear your voice. Consider using WordPress podcasting plugins to create episodes where you share a little bit about yourself.

You can share affiliate codes over your podcast, plus run different campaigns and send users to dedicated landing form pages to make sales.

11. Create Members-Only Content

With the rise of subscription-based models and online communities, offering exclusive content behind a paywall has become increasingly popular. So how can you make money from WordPress by implementing this approach?

Firstly, start by identifying your target audience and the type of content they would be willing to pay for. This could range from premium articles and tutorials to downloadable resources or even access to a private community forum. Next, choose an appropriate membership plugin that suits your needs – there are several options available on the WordPress platform.

Once you have set up your membership system, it’s time to create compelling content that will entice users to subscribe. Make sure it offers real value and is unique compared to what’s freely available elsewhere.

12. Sell Freelance Services

Another spectacular way to make money blogging on WordPress is to highlight and sell freelance services. You can easily put together a “Hire Me” page to highlight your skills.

You can coach or consult on that if you’ve gotten great with WordPress. Maybe you have a knack for copywriting and blog writing. Whatever you are good at, a WordPress website is the best place to offer and sell those freelance services online. You can use a solution like Freshbooks to keep track to make it extra easy on yourself so you don’t get confused about all the income streams you’ve got coming in from your website.

Consider creating a portfolio website using WordPress to showcase your skills and attract potential clients. This website can serve as a platform to display your previous work, testimonials from satisfied clients, and an overview of the services you offer. By optimizing your portfolio site with relevant keywords and ensuring it is visually appealing and user-friendly, you increase its visibility in search engine results pages – meaning more potential clients will find their way to your page.

13. Accept Donations

Sometimes the easiest way to get something is to ask. Remember that most people are much more likely to give you their money if you make it easier for them to do it. You can set up a pre-built donation form on your WordPress website to accept donations online. And you can always create multiple donation pages for things like one-time, recurring payments or tributes and memorials.

14. Book Appointments with Contact Forms

You may generate money from your blog by offering in-person services. Include an appointment booking form on your website. This is excellent news for those in the beauty industry and anybody else who wants to build a website to attract more clients. Additionally, clients prefer to fill out online forms rather than call you to schedule an appointment.

You can even connect your booking form to Google Calendar to stay on top of your schedule as you bring in more money from your site.

Final Thoughts

There it is! We hope this list of the top ways to make money blogging on WordPress helped you find some great things to help you monetize your website. And if you like this article, then please comment below.

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