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Top 5 Best Paying Ad Networks for Publishers

The ad network is a website/app that lets you choose which ads you want to display on your website or app and a fee you pay to get your ads displayed on the sites of other advertisers.

Ad networks come with both good and bad reviews, so we’re going to help you decide if they are for you. When most people think about advertising networks, they might think about Google Adsense or other old-fashioned print or broadcast networks.

However, there are a growing number of advertising networks that are designed for publishers, and they can be very lucrative for those who choose to partner with them. If you plan to start a new blog using PPC marketing to generate revenue, this article is for you.

Here we have discussed the top 5 best paying ad networks that will help you make the highest possible money per click.

Why Use Ad Networks?

The primary purpose of an ad network is to place ads on other sites for the sole benefit of the publisher. This includes not only banner and interstitial ads but also the newer form of contextual ads. When you buy an ad network, it allows you to place ads on other publishers’ sites, and you keep most of the revenue. You simply have to pay a fee to get your ads displayed.

Ad networks allow you to get paid and keep your traffic because they allow you to keep the traffic and get paid at the same time. For example, if you place ads on another site, they can send you the revenue, and you’ll keep your traffic.

The top ad networks allow you to build an audience and generate revenue simultaneously. These ad networks have more benefits than drawbacks and can help you increase your monetization, as long as you know how to spot the good ones and avoid the bad ones.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense comes from the world’s best and largest online ad revenue network. The best part about it is that it places ads on your websites and provides you with an opportunity to earn money at absolutely no cost. Google’s PPC network is known as Adword for advertisers and Adsense for bloggers. On every click, you get cash. It provides an easy sign-up process and has a reasonable payment and ad placement.

The minimum payout is $100. Google Adsense is good for new and small blogs as it does not have any traffic restrictions for sign-up.

2. Propeller Ads

CPM Ads come under one of the rapidly growing CPM Ads. It is a PPC marketing network that provides multiple AD formats such as CPC, CPL, CPA, CPM, etc. Due to Propeller’s different formats, it becomes easy for the user to choose the best-performing ad campaign according to their choice. Propeller Ads offers pop-unders, banner ads, and video ads.

The minimum traffic requirement a user needs to have is zero. So if you are new, then this suits the best to you. Propeller provides payment methods: Payoneer, Wire transfer, and WebMoney. Propeller ads perform manual checks on advertisers to ensure high ad quality.

It also provides publishers with real-time reporting, on-time payouts, and a personal account manager. Compared to other ad revenue networks, it generates the highest visitor revenue. Propeller ads are running successfully and are worth giving a try.

3. Ezoic

Ezoic is a new ad network that promises to improve the way users experience ads. The company says that it has developed a unique algorithm that can detect and reduce ad clutter, as well as improve the user experience by providing more relevant ads. Ezoic claims to be different from other ad networks because it doesn’t just try to serve ads, but instead tries to act as a “media company.

This website uses the Ezoic ad network to display contextual ads from Ezoic’s partners. Our partners may use cookies to collect information about your activities on this website and other websites to provide you with relevant ads and marketing messages tailored to your interests. You can opt out of this behavioural advertising on all Ezoic websites in the Network Ads section.

4. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser network provides an attractive monetisation model for publishers. It not only gives a pay-per-click ad model but also offers publishers an opportunity to earn additional revenue if the click leads to a sale. Many ad formats like rectangles, banners, mobile, skyscrapers, etc. are supported by Bidvertiser. Monitoring the ad performance becomes accessible by the reporting interface provided by it.

5. is a popular revenue ad network that allows publishers to earn from their online content. It serves contextual ads. Desktop interstitial, mobile docked ads and in-content native are supported by Some publishers of include Forbes, Elle, Esquire, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, etc.

These were top 5 Ad Revenue Networks where publishers can make tremendous money on their blogs. You can choose any of these five networks according to your needs.

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