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Which Country Has the Highest Number of Social Media Users? – Statistics

Most Social Media Users

Social media use varies drastically around the world. The United States is by far the most popular and has the most users overall.

The number of Americans using social media to share photos, like and comment on other people’s posts, or send private messages was 223 million in 2020.

In recent years, social media platforms and services have become some of the most popular online activities, with more than 70 per cent of the American population having an account. By 2025, the United States is expected to have 243 million social network users.

Pattern of Usage

There is a wide range of uses for social media in the entertainment, communication, journalism, and business sectors. When it comes to platforms, Americans are most likely to utilise social networking sites, media-sharing websites, instant messaging apps, and microblogging services. Many Americans’ everyday routines now include one or more of these websites or applications.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2020, the average daily usage duration jumped from less than an hour to 65 minutes. Since many Americans began to sequester themselves at home in March 2020, the use of social media and other forms of digital communication has increased at an unprecedented rate across the country.

most social media users


Based on the number of people that log in each month, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the United States. By the beginning of 2021, the platform had over 190 million US account holders and a market share of over 72%. By reaching, engaging, and attracting the most users,

Facebook is the most popular mobile social networking app in the United States, according to ComScore. The importance of mobile-friendly user interfaces cannot be emphasised, given that smartphones accounted for 83% of social media visits in the US at the end of 2019.

Other competitors of Facebook

Other social media sites are gaining ground despite Facebook’s dominance, notably among teens and young adults in the United States. Instagram, a popular picture and video-sharing software, is one of the most prominent players in the market. By 2023, the site was expected to have 120 million users, up from the 107.2 million who used it in 2019. Instagram is rapidly being used by marketers to target Millennial and Gen Z internet users, who make up the country’s largest potential customer base. Businesses are taking advantage of Instagram’s rapidly expanding user base by advertising in the form of sponsored images, videos, and stories.

In recent years, a considerable number of people have been using alternative social media sites. TikTok, a platform for short-form video, played an important role in the coronavirus epidemic, and short-form video is here to stay with its fashionable, catchy, and easily accessible content. Twitter, Pinterest, and Twitch also showed a rise in usage.

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