What happens when you report someone SPAM on WhatsApp?

Have you ever wondered what Facebook does when you report someone’s SPAM on WhatsApp? Well, WhatsApp does a couple of things in the background.

Sometimes these accounts can be blocked permanently or even marked malicious.

Nothing is more aggravating than being inundated with unsolicited spam mail. They load your inbox and cause you to be disturbed at all hours of the day and night. Spam messages don’t make for a pleasant user experience, whether you’re using WhatsApp for personal or professional needs.

Because spam messages are against WhatsApp’s terms of service, you must report spam on the platform. You might be tempted just to ban the spammer’s phone number, but spamming can serve unscrupulous aims and have negative repercussions.

As a result, reporting it is the best course of action. This article will go through how to report spam on WhatsApp and what happens when you do so.

What is the Report Feature in WhatsApp?

The Report tool was developed roughly five years ago to assist WhatsApp in identifying persons who were spreading spam and harmful information over the instant messaging network. WhatsApp considers rumours, false news, hoax messages, and other types of information to be spam.

You should report if you receive any of these from someone on WhatsApp regularly. You may also report to the group if spam content is being circulated in a group chat. When you wish to report someone on WhatsApp, you have two choices: ‘Report alone’ or ‘Report and Block.’ In the sections below, we’ll go through how both alternatives function and their consequences.

Your recent interactions with the reported number will be submitted to WhatsApp for investigation reasons as soon as you tap the ‘Report’ or ‘Report and Block’ button. Let’s get started by answering some frequent questions regarding what occurs next.

report spamming
Report Spamming

The latest five messages sent to you by the reported person or group are received by WhatsApp and are not alerted. WhatsApp also receives the reported group or user ID and information on when and what type of message was delivered (image, video, text, etc.).

You can also opt to report an account by tapping and holding a single message for a long time.
If they feel an account’s activity is in violation of WhatsApp’s Terms of Service, they may suspend it. WhatsApp may maintain the right to prohibit the user without notice, as stated in our Terms of Service.

Please be aware that a user complaint of behaviour that violates the Terms of Service does not always imply that they will ban the user or take other action against them. Blocked numbers will show up in the Blocked section (iPhone, KaiOS, and Android) or the Blocked Contacts section (iPhone, KaiOS, and Android). Unblocking numbers is the only method to remove them from the list. Blocking a contact will not prevent that person from seeing your messages in a group you both join, and you will also see their messages. Please do not join groups with persons you do not want to communicate with.

Can the Reported Person Text You?

This is entirely dependent on the choice you made when reporting the contact. That user cannot send you additional messages if you select the ‘Report and Block’ option. If you choose the ‘Report’ option when reporting a contact, that individual will still be able to bombard your inbox with messages, media files, and voice notes.

Regardless of the option you select, WhatsApp will record your report and put the phone number on a ‘Watchlist,’ where the person’s activity will be closely tracked. In addition, the person’s behaviour on the platform will be investigated, and they may be prohibited from using WhatsApp in the future.

Can the Reported Person Call Me or Have a Video Call?

That also depends on the parameters you choose when reporting the number. If you pick ‘Report and Block’, WhatsApp will not send their calls to you. When someone you’ve reported and blocked’ calls you, the phone will ring incessantly on their end, but you won’t hear it or be alerted.

On the other hand, reporting someone without blocking them allows them to contact you via voice or video conversations even after your complaint has been sent/submitted to WhatsApp.

How to Report Someone on WhatsApp?

We’ve described how to use your Android handset to report and block someone on WhatsApp. Follow this technique to choose from.

block and report on whatsapp
How to report spamming on WhatsApp

The first technique will allow you to report a person right away.

  • On your phone, open WhatsApp.
  • Activate the Chat icon.
  • Choose the spamming chat.
  • Click the three dots symbol in the upper right corner once the message is open.
  • Click More Choices from the drop-down menu.
  • To report spam, go to Report Spam.
  • Check the box next to Block contact and erase messages from the chat.
  • To send a report to WhatsApp, ban the user, or erase communications, click Report.

Report a Group on WhatsApp

There are two approaches to this. Do you want to report the WhatsApp group for breaking one or more of WhatsApp’s regulations, or do you want to report and restrict the group’s administrator from adding you to another group?

  • You may report a WhatsApp group for spam or for breaking the rules by following the procedures below:
  • Open the WhatsApp group you want to report.
  • At the top of your chat window, tap the name.
  • There will be a new tab open. Go to the very bottom of the screen.
  • A Report group option will appear. That should be tapped.
  • You will now be prompted to confirm your decision. Tap the Report button to do so.
  • While reporting, you can exit and delete the group’s communications. It is checked by default. Uncheck this option if you want to stay in the group while still accessing the group chat.


When you report someone as spam on WhatsApp, it helps the platform understand and handle potential cases of unsolicited messages or unwanted content. Once you report someone as spam, WhatsApp will review the reported account and take appropriate action if they find any violation of their policies. This can range from issuing a warning to temporarily or permanently restricting the reported account’s access. Your report helps create a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone using WhatsApp.

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