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Is WhatsApp safe to use Now?

It’s a common step for every software to update their Terms of service and privacy policy occasionally. Although, it might made a great change in usage of their application, and thus, one to understand the new Policy.

Here is what you should understand the Terms and Policy. In a brief point, we will explain their condition. Though many rumors have been stated against WhatsApp, it’s still safe to use. Here is the reason, why:

  • User Have to Agree to their Terms and condition within February 8, 2021,  or else their account might be seized.
  • The idea behind this policy is to promote more choice to users for business purposes. It will now be additionally serving as a Business Service Provider. Thus, opens the door for Businesses.
whatsapp terms of service
  • Facebook will process your message, to process data for promoting Businesses. In simple words, if you send a message to someone that you wish to buy a mobile phone, then the advertisement party will be aligned with this choice, and show you great deals and offer.

  • Although Business will now become convenient on WhatsApp, still it must follow the industry practice. The Third-Party Company must abide by the rules to host and store the message, related to business purpose only.

  • If a user wants to block a Business Account, it can be done anytime and anywhere. Full support is given to the user, if he/she is not interested on hearing a business message anymore, and can block it instantly.

So with this, one can get the idea about new change in WhatsApp policy.

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