Top 5 WordPress Quiz Plugins to Boost Engagement

Are you seeking for strategies to boost traffic to your WordPress website? Including a quiz on your website is a good approach to keep users interested and involved. Quizzes not only give your audience a fun and engaging experience, but they may also help you learn important information about your visitors and their interests.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 5 WordPress quiz plugins to help you get more people interested in your website.

The Significance of Quiz Plugins in Driving Engagement

Interactive quizzes have long been recognised for their effectiveness in engaging website visitors and increasing time spent browsing your content. Not only can quizzes provide visitors with an engaging experience but they can also gather useful audience data, which you can leverage when tailoring future marketing and content creation efforts.

Implementing quizzes on your WordPress website may seem a challenging task without the right tools, which is where quiz plugins come into play. With user-friendly interfaces and customisable templates, as well as various features available to them, to easily create engaging quizzes without breaking your budget or becoming cumbersome to maintain. So, without talking much of here and there let’s talk about the top 5 quiz plugins for WordPress.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a popular plugin designed for WordPress websites. It allows users to create and publish quizzes on their website for various purposes, such as engagement, lead generation, and assessing knowledge or personality traits. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to create and customise quizzes according to their specific needs.

With a wide range of question types, customisation options, and result page designs, Thrive Quiz Builder offers flexibility and creativity in quiz creation. Additionally, the plugin provides built-in analytics and reporting features, enabling users to track quiz performance and gather valuable insights. Overall, Thrive Quiz Builder is a versatile tool that can enhance user interaction and improve website conversion rates.


QuizApp is another quiz-specific WordPress plugin that allows you to create a quiz and add it to your WordPress site, much like Quizlet. What makes QuizApp different is that you can edit your questions and answers on the fly.

This advantage is that you can re-use the same questions and answers throughout your quiz, meaning that you’ll only need to make one version. Also, you can set up multiple quizzes using the same set of questions with different answers. This is very useful for creating multiple quizzes for your visitors.


There is a free trial available to try out the plugin, but the pro version also comes with unlimited access to the question bank and the ability to create unlimited quizzes.

WP Quiz

With the WP Quiz Plugin, it’s simple and effective to produce content that goes viral and becomes popularly shared among your visitors. Your quiz makes them much more engaged, as their participation keeps their interest alive!

WP Quiz features numerous options that enable you to easily create quizzes of different styles and layouts, ranging from trivia, personality and flip quizzes – with sample data provided to assist first-time set-up of each Quiz type – all it takes to import demo data is one click of a button!

Add text, videos, or pictures to any type of quiz for an engaging quiz experience on your site’s visitors’ smartphones, desktop computers, or other mobile devices. When adding non-owned images, just add Image Credit – an extremely straightforward process!

Your questions can either fit onto one page or spread across several if there are too many to accommodate on a single screen. There is currently one traditional skin, though more are being introduced soon. When taking another quiz round, users have the option of starting all over from the beginning or taking social media-sharing buttons with built-in social sharing functionality that allow people to easily share the results of quizzes they take online with friends via social networks such as Facebook.

Your visitors will see a progress bar to help them follow where they stand in your Quiz, with its colour customised by them. There are six animation effects built-in so questions and quizzes stand out against their background – these help make the layout more visually stimulating as well. Using our shortcodes, you can add it manually into any post or sidebars for sideshow displays!

WordPress Viral Quiz

The WordPress Viral Quiz solution outperforms the other BuzzFeed-style quiz creators on our list. You just need to pay once because it is available on CodeCanyon. With huge thumbnail graphics and several result options at the end, the quizzes resemble those on BuzzFeed nearly perfectly.

The plugin’s customization features are simple to understand in terms of how they operate. Not to add, WordPress Viral Quiz’s viral potential is more than enough to win over most webmasters.

Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat offers tests that are somewhat more flexible than those on BuzzFeed. Along with infinite questions, personalised completion messages, and random answer selection, you may include images in the quizzes.

Although the very minimum functionality is free, you may upgrade for a comparatively small one-time fee. For instance, the plan for one website costs $49 but only includes the following two extra features: creating personality tests and increasing social media shares.


using quiz plugins on a WordPress website can significantly boost user engagement. Remember, quizzes provide not only entertainment but also insight into your audience’s interests and preferences.

These are the top 5 WordPress quiz plugins to boost engagement. Give one of them a try and see how it can help you increase engagement on your website or blog.

Do not hesitate to experiment with quiz plugins on WordPress sites in order to increase engagement by exploring all they offer for boosting engagement levels.

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