Top 5 WordPress Quiz Plugins to Boost Engagement

Do you want to increase your users while ensuring that they are always testing their knowledge? Have you wanted to create a quiz or quiz plugin for WordPress but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself?

Do you have more of a creative side and want to be able to design your own quiz rather than just make a plug-in to do it for you? You’ve come to the right place!

While the number of quiz plugins available is growing by the day, quite a few still don’t work perfectly. So in this guide, I’ll show you the top 5 WordPress plugins that make creating quizzes easy and awesome!

A quiz plugin is an easy way to implement a quiz on your WordPress site. You can set the questions and the answers and even add a scoring system.

top 5 wordpress plugins to create quizzes

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Create Quizzes

The good news is that creating and implementing a quiz on your own website doesn’t require a development degree. A reliable WordPress quiz plugin is all you need to create questions, add answers, including graphics, and tally replies.

Others appear as comprehensive suites with email collection, form-building, and slideshow capabilities. Some WordPress quiz plugins include extra functions for things like polls and surveys.

Several alternatives are available, ranging from simple quiz makers to contemporary quizzes in BuzzFeed fashion. Then after adding it to your WordPress site, you can easily display the quiz to your visitors. This is also an easy way to generate traffic. If you want to try out a quiz plugin, here are my recommended plugins:


If you are looking for a quiz solution that will let you design the quiz yourself, you’ll definitely want to check out Quizlet. Quizlet lets you choose the question type, and then design your own questions, answers and score system.

You can create a one-time quiz for your visitors, or use a quiz as a regular feature on your website. Since it’s a quiz-specific WordPress plug-in, it’s very easy to integrate and start using within a matter of minutes.

You can also embed a Quizlet quiz directly into a WordPress post or page. This makes it even easier for your users to take a quiz, as they can interact with the quiz right in the content. The best thing is that it allows you to create a quiz to match your existing page layout.


So, as you can see, Quizlet is the perfect fit for creating quizzes.


QuizApp is another quiz-specific WordPress plugin that allows you to create a quiz and add it to your WordPress site, much like Quizlet. What makes QuizApp different is that you can edit your questions and answers on the fly.

This advantage is that you can re-use the same questions and answers throughout your quiz, meaning that you’ll only need to make one version. Also, you can set up multiple quizzes using the same set of questions with different answers. This is very useful for creating multiple quizzes for your visitors.


There is a free trial available to try out the plugin, but the pro version also comes with unlimited access to the question bank and the ability to create unlimited quizzes.

WP Quiz

WordPress has a quiz plugin called WP Quiz that is adaptable and simple to use. Three quizzes are included: personality, trivia, and flip card.

You may show results at the conclusion, allow visitors to restart the quiz, add photos to your questions and answers, and more.

There are two stylistic choices for WP Quiz: multi-page quiz or single-page quiz. You may include social sharing buttons and auto-scroll.

The premium edition of the plugin enables you to display adverts, randomise questions and answers, and demand users to take action in order to view results.

If there are too many questions, you may either spread the quiz across numerous pages or have it all on one page. If you like that look, a conventional skin is supplied, and other skins will be available shortly.

If a user wants to retake the quiz, there is an option to restart a question. Visitors may share quiz answers with their friends on social media very easily thanks to built-in social networking buttons.

wp quiz plugin for wordpress

You can choose to have the quiz automatically go on to the next question. This makes it very simple for visitors to complete several forms in a short amount of time.

You may quickly change the font colours with the WP Quiz Plugin. To make the quiz stand out from the rest of the information, you can either alter the background colour to fit your theme or make it a bright colour. Your visitors may see a progress bar to see how the quiz is going. The progress bar’s colour is modifiable.

We have six animation effects to make the quiz and the questions stand out. The layout is eye-catching, thanks in part to these distinctive effects. With the help of the built-in shortcodes, you may manually insert the quiz into any other post. With this option, you can also display the quiz inside the sidebars.

Advantages of WP Quiz Plugin

  • Add Countless Tests
  • responsive tests
  • Use with any theme for WordPress
  • Type of trivia quiz
  • Type of personality test
  • Flip Quiz Format
  • includes demo data
  • Simple Demo Import
  • Add a picture or a video
  • The choice to Display Image Credit
  • Layout, single or several pages
  • Customary Skin
  • Questions with a Restart Option
  • Buttons for social sharing.
  • HD video lessons

WordPress Viral Quiz

The WordPress Viral Quiz solution outperforms the other BuzzFeed-style quiz creators on our list. You just need to pay once because it is available on CodeCanyon. With huge thumbnail graphics and several result options at the end, the quizzes resemble those on BuzzFeed nearly perfectly.

The plugin’s customization features are simple to understand in terms of how they operate. Not to add, WordPress Viral Quiz’s viral potential is more than enough to win over most webmasters.


  • It contains an integrated email capture module that you may use to increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter.
  • You may make trivia and personality tests. On Facebook, personality tests are more likely to go viral than trivia tests, which are more common on Twitter.
  • To view quiz results, the plugin offers a mechanism that prompts users to post on social networks.
  • To find out just how well the quiz is functioning, visit analytics.
  • To make more money over time, place advertisements all around the quiz and turn on the refresh browser feature.

Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat offers tests that are somewhat more flexible than those on BuzzFeed. Along with infinite questions, personalised completion messages, and random answer selection, you may include images in the quizzes.

quizcat plugin

Although the very minimum functionality is free, you may upgrade for a comparatively small one-time fee. For instance, the plan for one website costs $49 but only includes the following two extra features: creating personality tests and increasing social media shares.


  • Both the front end and the back end of the interface are tidy. It looks fantastic on mobile devices and fits with all WordPress themes.
  • It has special features like answering randomly and giving messages at the conclusion.
  • The quizzes may be translated into almost every language.
  • They have a few nice paid services, like email marketing, Facebook Pixel connection, and spreadsheet export.


In conclusion, these are the top 5 WordPress quiz plugins to boost engagement. Give one of them a try and see how it can help you increase engagement on your website or blog.

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