How to Convert WordPress Website to Android App for Free

A responsive Website is essential since more people than ever are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. However, these websites still can’t deliver the same level of on-the-go User Experience as a native mobile app (UX).

Fortunately, it’s simpler than you may imagine turning your WordPress website into a mobile application. You may rapidly and inexpensively give your consumers a greater mobile experience with the aid of the appropriate plugin.

Your WordPress website can be turned into a native iOS and Android mobile app by MobiLoud. The WooCommerce app plugin connects with your current theme and plugins through a user-customizable interface.

The MobiLoud staff is also available to oversee the developing and publishing processes and to provide first-rate support.

Consider AndroApp if your budget is more limited than what MobiLoud provides. With this mobile app builder, you can rapidly develop an Android app for your WordPress website. You may create a tested app with the custom features of your choice in a matter of minutes.

Utilizing Web-View is the easiest method. You include your website into a web view with a mobile theme in this manner (if your website has). Although it is quick and easy, you cannot alter it to make your application as user-friendly and quick as a native programme.

how to convert wordpress website to android app for free

The alternative is to enable a native application to connect with your website’s data via the WordPress restful API. By using this, you may develop a mobile UI that allows users to engage with it more quickly than a website’s mobile UI.

Use Appsgeyser to convert your Website to App for FREE

An online platform called AppsGeyser enables the conversion of any web content into an Android app in only two simple steps. built to facilitate the conversion of ideas into apps.

It is an Android-only platform for developing codeless apps that enable users to build mobile apps using pre-formatted information taken from websites. The AppsGeyser application combines social sharing, tabs, messaging, and complete support for HTML5 upgrades. It is very simple to use.

The software is able to pull material from several sources, including websites, YouTube channels, and RSS feeds.

You may quickly monetize an app by following these 3 easy steps. And choose from a variety of themes and layouts to suit your needs.

Some WordPress Plugins for Mobile App Conversion

We’ve included a handful of the best options as plugins are typically the easiest way to make a mobile companion app for your WordPress website. Apart from MobiLoud or Appsgeyser, these are:


Consider AndroApp if your budget is more limited than what MobiLoud provides. You can rapidly develop an Android app for your WordPress website with this mobile app builder. You may create a tested app with the custom features of your choice in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with this plugin. It only works with Google Play Store, therefore it won’t help you if you want to develop an iOS-compatible app or use WooCommerce or BuddyPress.

Having said that, AndroApp is quite reasonably priced. Your app may be created for free, and maintenance costs only $66 annually.

use androapp to convert website into app


The final plugin we advise you to investigate is AppPresser. Instead of turning your WordPress website into an app, it links your website to an app created using AppPresser’s service.

With a visual builder that is comparable to the WordPress Customizer, this provides you with complete control over the appearance of your platform.

You’ll need an AppPresser account to get going. Plans offering access to advanced features range in price from $249 to $599 annually.

Check out their custom development services if you’d like to hire a professional team to create your app rather than using their tools to do it yourself.

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How to check the Quality and Test the App?

A crucial step in the development of mobile applications is quality assurance (QA) testing. Before making your platform accessible to people, it is advisable to ensure that it functions well and is error-free. Since there are so many different device formats, screen sizes, and hardware configurations to take into account, this may, unfortunately, be difficult.

Usability, functionality, and compatibility testing on various devices are often part of the QA testing process. Your software will next go through beta testing, performance testing, and browser testing.

If you hired MobiLoud to create your app, they’d take care of testing. Similar to that, WPMobile.App gives you access to a free testing environment. If not, you should use device emulators to demonstrate how your app will appear on various smartphones and tablets.

Convert WooCommerce Website to Mobile App FREE

Appsgeyser platform can help you to do this without knowing any code and create an Android app for your WooCommerce website. Get rapid access to your WooCommerce site and add a lot of features.

Add social media tabs, and push alerts for changes, monetization, and unique URLs to your website. Access your WooCommerce site right now.

A WooCommerce website may be turned into a mobile application. Use push notifications to provide users instant access to your website. Set your blog tab, social media tabs, and landing page. To make your site unique, you can pick a theme’s colour scheme. Make a fantastic Android WooCommerce app.


Free, no-code conversion of Woocommerce into a mobile application. You may create a WooCommerce Android app without any programming experience. Utilize our WooCommerce mobile app builder by following a few simple steps. In less than 10 minutes, you can create a Woocommerce mobile application.

There are no unforeseen fees. Making an Android WooCommerce app at AppsGeyser is cost-free.

Why use a Mobile App instead of a Mobile Website?

Today’s world is dominated by smartphones, and the vast majority of them are Android devices. Websites are harder to access than apps.

Even if they don’t utilise every app, every mobile user sees it every day. It implies that the app is simpler to use than the website. Your audience will grow as a result of increased visibility.

Additionally, push alerts can increase site engagement. Everything is made simpler by apps, including user sharing.

Using WooCommerce Mobile App Builder to Convert Website into App

To expand your eCommerce business more quickly, turn WooCommerce into a mobile application. Use the finest WooCommerce iOS and Android App Maker to create an app with top-notch features.

To do this, one need to follow these 5 steps:

  • Install the WooCommerce Mobile App Plugin on WordPress
  • Connect to the Store using your Credentials
  • Customize the interface and design for your Mobile App
  • Publish your App on PlayStore or AppleStore
using woocommerce mobile app

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