Top 5 WordPress Errors and Their Solutions

WordPress Errors

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems in use today. However, you get to face many errors and issues while using WordPress from time to time. These are pretty common when you have lots of plugins, plugins that aren’t updated, and a custom theme. So what are the top WordPress errors you will see, and what can you do about them?

Here’s the list of errors that I most commonly come across on my clients’ websites:

The maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded

In PHP, you have an allowance of 60 seconds to run any given script. That means if you try and run a script that will take longer than 60 seconds, it won’t execute. Instead, it will simply fail, resulting in the error listed above.

Error 404 after migrating website from one server to another

This WordPress error is often noticed when you manually migrate your WordPress website using folders, files and the database file. You might see the homepage working well and all posts appearing in order, but when you click any post, it leads you to an error 404 page.

This error has a quick solution. To fix this issue, simply go to the permalinks option and click on the Save button. The error will be fixed.

Blank homepage

This is another error that you encounter after migrating website. However, one more cause of this issue is when the functions file of your theme has been modified (due to hacking or you made any mistake while editing the functions file).

The quickest solution is to restore the recent backup of the website or the theme.

The alternative solution is to upload the clean version of the theme if you suspect your website has been hacked.

Forgotten admin password

With so many passwords to remember today, it is common to forget passwords to your WordPress website. Usually, you can reset the password, however, sometimes luck is not in your favour. Other times the mailing feature of the server does not work and you never receive the password reset link.

To fix this issue, you should log in to your website control panel, go to PhpMyAdmin, find wp_users table. Now select the admin record, set the password in the password field and choose ‘MD5’ in the hashing option. Click Save. The password that you set now will be working and you can log in to the dashboard of your website.

SSL padlock is not green (This site is not secure)

insecure ssl no green padlock
No green padlock in browser

The main cause of this issue is that one or more resources are still served over HTTP instead of HTTPS. You can use any plugin to force the use of HTTPS to overcome this issue.

Expert support to fix WordPress Errors

If you find you are a non-technical person to make any of the changes above you may hire me to make those changes for you. You may reach out through the contact form.

I will fix the errors at the earliest possible timeframe and get your website working again.

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