Should schools have uniforms? – IELTS Essay

Some schools are very strict about their school uniforms and the appearance of their pupils, while other schools have a very relaxed dress code.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of children having a school uniform?


Different schools have different rules regarding uniforms. Some schools require students to wear a particular uniform while others permit students to wear any outfit, with some rules. Although there are both advantages and disadvantages to this, I believe schools should not have a uniform.

The cost of uniforms is the primary issue. If schools have a particular uniform, students will have to spend extra money to buy it. Given that education is already so expensive, this is unnecessary. Moreover, this especially puts those from the lower-income groups at a disadvantage, as they are less able to afford uniforms than their well-off peers. As a result, they may have to take up a job in addition to their schoolwork to pay for this, which adversely impacts their mental health and time availability for studies. Many children have to sacrifice education altogether because their parents cannot afford costly dresses who could hardly manage tuition fees.

However, it can be argued that school uniforms enforce discipline and foster a focused mind. If students are required to wear the same outfit every day, it allows them to focus their minds on other things than the clothes that they will be wearing for the day. It reduces the number of decisions that they have to make, which allows them to preserve their cognitive abilities for schoolwork. As a result, school uniforms may help improve focus and discipline among pupils.

To sum up, the advantage of having uniforms is improved discipline and focus among students. However, not having a school uniform will reduce education expenses, which is especially beneficial for lower-income group pupils. Overall, not having a strict requirement for uniforms will achieve the more crucial purpose of education.

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Some schools are quite stringent regarding school uniforms and the look of their students, whilst others have a much more liberal dress code. This essay will discuss the benefits and limitations of children wearing school uniforms.

School uniforms provide many benefits for students, families and schools. One of the most important benefits is that it helps to focus on the studies instead of what the student is wearing. It can also help with discipline in schools and create a sense of community. Additionally, school uniforms are often cheaper than buying clothing every month, and they can be passed down from child to child in some cases. If all students are required to wear uniforms, numerous disruptions to their academic progress will disappear. Therefore, requiring students to adhere to uniform regulations eliminates distractions and improves their academic performance.

School uniforms are becoming more popular, but many people still oppose them. One of the main arguments against school uniforms is that they are a waste of money. Another argument is that they are unfair to poor families who cannot afford to buy them for their children. Additionally, uniforms seem to have no direct impact on students’ academic performance. So, there is no valid point in enforcing dress codes as the ultimate goal of learners is to learn something more useful for their future/

In conclusion, the beneficial impacts of uniforms on children include the elimination of school-related distractions and a boost in academic motivation. However, on the downside, uniforms are waste of money and not related to academic performance.

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