How to list your website on Yahoo News

News aggregator Yahoo! receives millions of visits each month and is amongst the most well-known. Yahoo News is the most widely used online news aggregation and search engine.

Similar to Google News and Techmeme, the home page and internal search results are provided from the Yahoo News index for the major articles you may view.

Google News also provides top page results from sites it considers news authorities and internal results are based on search relevance and storey timeliness. Yahoo News submissions are a bit more dated than they seem. Yahoo News uses a News Source Submission Form, which asks for information such as the subject of the news, the RSS feed, and the reader’s geographic location.

To list your website on Yahoo News, you need to create high-quality content, add your website to Yahoo News Feed, follow Yahoo News guidelines, optimize your content for SEO, and promote your content on various channels.

Submitting your website to Yahoo! News

Before you submit your site, make sure it is already indexed by Yahoo!
Yahoo Directory: Although I’m not sure whether this one is really helpful, there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a go anyway.
Site Explorer: It gives us access to all of Yahoo! Search’s indexed pages.
Source Form: Use the Source Form to gather your sources and answer all of the questions in order to satisfy Yahoo.

Getting Listed on Yahoo! News

There are quick and easy methods for obtaining features. The material must be original and search engine friendly.

Your site will have many writers. Therefore, you may allow Guest Blogging on your site/blog to help with indexing and loading time.

Provide an index of trustworthy news sources accessible on Yahoo. Try to get a storey, an article, or a press release published on the site. Distribute press releases for a select few top-notch cable services and products.

PUBLIC RELATIONS are usually the greatest. PRWeb, Newswire, and MarketWire are all good options. Produce high-quality content since cable news won’t all end up in Yahoo News. Things to keep in mind before submitting an application to be highlighted in Yahoo News:

  • HTML pages perform best when submitting an application to be outlined;
  • The content on your news web page must be unique rather than copied verbatim from the web;
  • Try to have a focused news web page.

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