Getting Your Blog Into Google and Yahoo News

Any blogger’s ultimate objective is to increase the number of visitors to their website. Two of the greatest organisations online that will assist you in doing that are Google News and Yahoo News; both sites receive millions of visitors each day from all around the world.

The visibility and reputation that these sites provide will catapult your blog into the big leagues. Additionally, if you register with one of these sites, you will gain mass exposure. To submit your blog’s URL to Google and Yahoo News, you must first register on their respective websites. Registration is free, but you must understand how both sites operate.

Google News

Google crawls several news websites and aggregates them into a single, easy news source. Certain factors influence the frequency with which news stories surface. Google employs just online news providers to choose the most relevant stories from 20,000+ news sources.

The editorial process is entirely automated. Google News breaks down its subject into top news stories and eight categories: word news, national news, business, science and technology, sports, entertainment news, health news, and most popular news stories.

There are some points that should be kept in mind.

  • RSS / Atom Feeds and Single News Stories are not accepted by Google News at this time.
  • When entering your URL, you are required to answer a series of questions. Then, Google News will review your blog and determine if it is appropriate for their website. They will contact you if more information is required; however, there is no guarantee that your blog will be listed on their website.
  • If you want to get more hints and tips straight from the source, go to Google News-Help Topics.

Yahoo News

  • Yahoo also gets just as much traffic as Google News; They are both very similar in terms of how they produce content. They too use automation instead of humans to receive news articles. However, the hot news stories are found on the main web page, while the rest is searchable through Yahoo’s news index.
  • As far as getting a blog accepted, the first thing a blogger has to do is answer some questions, followed by telling Yahoo why your blog should be listed on their news site.
  • If Yahoo likes what they see in your blog, and decides to list it on their news website, you will be contacted.

Guidelines to Getting a Blog Approved

It’s important to note that the competition is fierce and that the rejection rate is significant when attempting to have your material published on Google and Yahoo news. However, keeping these suggestions in mind will provide you with a tiny advantage when it comes to establishing a stellar reputation.

  • Your content must be positively one of a kind, and it is imperative to keep your blog seo-friendly with related keywords.
  • Understand that you must have at least one extra blogger working with you in order for your blog to be included in the directory. You may either hire guest bloggers or partner with a colleague on a project that will last a long time, depending on your needs.
  • A quick server response time is key. Web crawlers are partial to blogs that can be indexed and loaded quickly.

Upon acceptance of your blog, Google News strongly recommends adding a sitemap. This can easily be handled by registering on Google Webmaster Tools, then going to the sitemap section located in Tools. Sitemaps are extremely effective in promoting traffic and helping spiders crawl your blog.

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