What is the difference between science and technology?

Science and Technology may sound similar in various aspects, and they are often interchanged, but if observed, both have a large difference.

Despite their interconnectedness, they serve different purposes in our modern world. However, the general population often confuses the two, blurring the lines of distinction. In this blog post, we will shed light on this perplexing issue, demystifying the contrasting yet complementary nature of science and technology.

We could differentiate them easily by their definition. Science is a systematic knowledge base, where the steps in procedure involved could reliably predict the type of outcome. Science is mainly used by science like chemistry, physics, biology and psychology, whereas Technology is somewhat more of practical use or applied science.


What is Science?

Science, at its core, is an intricate web of knowledge-seeking endeavors. Its purpose revolves around understanding natural phenomena through observation, experimentation, and analysis. The scientific method, a fundamental framework driving scientific investigations, plays a pivotal role in this quest for truth.

Scientists from various disciplines embark on a journey of exploration, aiming to expand our collective understanding of the universe. Whether it be physics, chemistry, biology, or any other scientific discipline, these experts meticulously design experiments and conduct research to formulate theories and uncover new insights.

What is Technology?

On the other hand, technology is the practical application of scientific knowledge to meet human needs and solve real-world problems. It embodies the ingenuity to transform scientific discoveries into tangible products, processes, or services that enhance our lives.

Technology encompasses an array of fields, ranging from transportation and communication to healthcare and entertainment. It thrives on innovation, driving advancements in various sectors. Technologists harness scientific understanding to create, design, and refine tools, machines, and systems that make our daily activities more efficient, convenient, or enjoyable.

Major Differences Between Science and Technology

The difference is that science is objective, technology is subjective. Science is objective because, to be scientific, you have to use the methods of science, which are the methods of objectivity. For example, physics is objective because, when you say something like “an apple falls to the ground,” the apples agree.

Science is the study of the natural world, while technology is the application of science to create products and services. Science considers empirical evidence, while technology relies on experimentation and observation. Technology often begins with scientific discovery, but it then needs to be translated into a usable form.

Both science and technology can help people make important decisions about their lives and the future. Science can give people facts about the world around us to help them understand how it works. But we also need to use technology in our lives to make life easier and help us live better.

Science can take years or even centuries to develop new technologies, while new technologies can be developed more quickly.

Here Tools and knowledge are used together to study a particular scientific field. For example, science can teach you about the electric field and the electrical working process. Still, with Technology and knowledge about it, you can develop a motor based on the Science rules and give you a practical desired output. Overall we can say that Science is all about theories, and Technology is all about practical use in daily life.

It has been said that science is for the pursuit of knowledge, and technology creates systems according to people’s needs. Science consists of controlled experiments, analysis, generalizations, creation, logical skills, inventions and theories, whereas technology consists of skills like designing, construction, quality checking, problem-solving and testing purpose.

Another main difference is that science is always useful, but technology can be useful and harmful. For example, science gives you a theory about the Atom Bomb, which is useful to know that such logic also exists but technology gives you a practical invention. Thus, it becomes a deadly weapon for humanity.

Science predicts every field, whereas technology mainly focuses on making life easier. Technology primarily focuses on creating products that implement scientific principles, like smartphones, telecommunications, calculators, etc.


Both science and technology are based on the use of the scientific method. In science, one seeks a general theory to account for numerous different observations but specific enough to make predictions about novel observations. One of the important aspects of science is that a given theory is either accepted by the scientific community or rejected as unscientific. A rejected theory cannot continue in the face of experimental evidence. When a theory becomes too narrow, it becomes outdated. For example, the theory of evolution was developed before fossil evidence became available. It took about 200 years to accumulate the evidence to support evolution as the explanation for the origin of the Earth, the other planets, and life on Earth.

By contrast, technology, as a practice, is open-ended. This means it is not a part of science strictly, as science does not have the luxury of conducting more than a single experiment. To change or improve upon the practice of technology, there must be the opportunity to conduct many experiments with new designs and perhaps even to achieve an entirely new experiment to discover a better technology. The science of technological development is to be determined by the results of all these experiments and not by the results of a single experiment or by a few experiments. If a technology does not work, it is not worth pursuing further. The best technology is usually the most flexible.

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