What is the difference between science and technology?

Science and Technology

Science and Technology may sound similar in various aspects, and they are often interchanged, but if observed, both have a large difference.

We could differentiate them easily by their definition. Science is a systematic knowledge base, where the steps in procedure involved could reliably predict the type of outcome. Science is mainly used by science like chemistry, physics, biology and psychology, whereas Technology is somewhat more of practical use or applied science.


Here Tools and knowledge are used together to study a particular scientific field. For example, science can teach you about the electric field and the electrical working process. Still, with Technology and knowledge about it, you can develop a motor based on the Science rules and give you a practical desired output. Overall we can say that Science is all about theories, and Technology is all about practical use in daily life.

It has been said that science is for the pursuit of knowledge, and technology creates systems according to people’s needs. Science consists of controlled experiments, analysis, generalizations, creation, logical skills, inventions and theories, whereas technology consists of skills like designing, construction, quality checking, problem-solving and testing purpose.

Another main difference is that Science is always useful, but Technology can be useful and harmful. For example, Science gives you a theory about the Atom Bomb, which is useful to know that such logic also exists but Technology gives you the practical invention. Thus, it becomes a deadly weapon for humanity.

Science is used to predict every field, whereas Technology mainly focuses on making life easier. Technology primarily focuses on creating products that implement scientific principles, like smartphones, Telecommunications, calculators, etc.

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