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How to Get Rid of Social Media Addiction

From the moment we open our eyes to the moment we close them, we spend a significant portion of our waking lives glued to our electronic devices, checking for new notifications, chatting with friends and strangers, and keeping up with the daily doings of our colleagues and friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

We keep using social media even when we despise how it makes us feel. Not only are other online mediums involved. Besides Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we also use Snapchat and applications for gaming and entertainment.

There’s no doubt that social media applications play a significant role in our daily lives, yet despite this, we’re always in a rush to ‘go back to our lives,’ as the saying goes.

The analogy to an addict is apt. Thanks to social media, just give us our fix, the one we can’t get anywhere else in the real world. We require it to satisfy our desire for quick fulfilment and to enjoy the sensation of doing something significant.

You might argue we’re hooked on our phones, but I prefer to think of it as our addiction to social media.

There are a variety of approaches to treating this form of addiction, but for some people, starting over is the only option if they truly want to be free of their needs. But how?

t’s the hardest step. The hardest step is getting out of the addiction. Because if you’re not careful, this won’t be an easy step, and you’ll regret it.


Because once you get addicted, you don’t realize it. You don’t see the negative consequences of your addiction and the damage it has done to you.

Your life is going downhill, and you don’t even realise it. But you’re caught, and you have to do something about it. You have to get out of the addiction, which can be the hardest step.

15 Methods to Help You Get Rid of Social Media Addiction

Know that you have a problem

You may not realize that you have a problem. You may not realize that this behaviour is not working for you.

But you know it. You feel it.

You know that it makes you anxious, makes you feel like you don’t control your time, you don’t control your life, and that you don’t take care of your other responsibilities and obligations. You’re not in the habit of doing it.

You know that it’s been happening for a long time, and it’s gotten out of control, and you want to get rid of it.

Don’t worry, it’s not your first time facing this. You’ve tried to stop before, and then your life doesn’t go on.

Look for the reasons why you use social media

Before you even get to social media, why do you use it? Do you use it to socialise with friends, family, and work colleagues?

If you answer is yes, then stop! This is a no-go for you.

Have to think about the consequences

What are the consequences of your addiction?

Think about what will happen if you get addicted again. Think about the loss, the things you may lose if you get addicted again.

I think you won’t.

You have to see that you have to stop using social media for a good reason, so you have to start there. And you have to think about the consequences that may happen before you take the next step.

You have to be very strong to face it.

Be honest with yourself

In addition to being very strong, you must be honest.

You have to open up. You have to say to yourself that you don’t want to get addicted. You want to quit.

Do you want to quit?

Then you have to be strong enough not to get addicted again.

Be careful not to fall again

If you’re a person who’s used to social media, it’s hard to fall again. The more you get addicted, the harder it will be to get out.

Don’t get used to your social media apps

Even if you get addicted to Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, the apps aren’t going to be there for you the next time you have to detox from your addiction.

If you’re a social media addict, it’s important to get out of the habit of using social media using these apps. You have to detach yourself from your social media platforms so you don’t have any desire to get addicted again.

If you really get addicted, don’t be alarmed. This can be a very short-term behaviour. But do something. The thing is, we don’t know when the next time is going to come, so don’t wait, you have to act now.

Don’t lie to yourself

You don’t have to be lying to yourself.

You may have some people around you who try to pressure you, who try to convince you to use the social media apps because they think you’re an isolated person if you don’t. You have to tell yourself the truth and to not allow them to convince you.

Don’t believe in their lies, and don’t listen to them.

Focus on your friends

While you may believe in the lies you hear from the people around you, it’s not true.

The people around you, including your friends, are human beings. They may or may not understand that they have an addiction problem, and that they need to detox from it, but they don’t have a solution.

They’re looking for a solution, and you may convince them that you’re not interested in the solution because you’re not ready to get out of the addiction.

But it’s not the right time for you to do it.

Make your friends understand that it’s a problem

This is a step that will probably not be understood by everyone, but you have to do it, because you want your life to be free from the addiction.

You’re not going to be able to convince them that it’s a problem if you haven’t mentioned it to them.

Detox from your addiction

If you’re an addict of any kind, I think you know how to do this.

We all know that we can’t use social media in the next day, or two days.

You have to set your boundaries.

I suggest setting one day a week. If you really want to get away from social media, you can set more days if you feel that you’re still addicted.

But a day will not do it.

But you have to set your own limits, and you have to see how much time you will have to spend on the social media, on your apps, and on your phone, in the next few days.

See, this is where you’ll have to really focus on what you’re going to do the next day. If you don’t, you’ll fall back into the addiction.

And it’s also what I call ‘detox day’.

Make a plan

As soon as you get home from your detox day, you have to think about what you’re going to do the next day, if you’re going to be able to have a day free from your addiction.

You have to think about the things you have to do, you have to think about the people you have to see, you have to think about the people that you have to communicate with, you have to think about the people that you have to work with, you have to think about your obligations and your commitments.

So you have to make a plan for the next day, and you have to use your detox day to plan the next day.

Have more detox days

You may need more detox days. You’ll see.

If you really want to get rid of the addiction, and you want to really see how things are going to change, and you really want to set yourself free from the addiction, you’ll have to detox more than once.

Have a plan for your social media life

If you feel that you can handle detox days, you can have more, but you still have to think about your social media life.

It’s not just social media, but Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and your apps.

You may still want to use them in the days that you don’t use social media. I’d recommend that you have a plan for it.

You have to really think about the friends that you have, and what’s important to you, and what’s not.

What kind of content do you want to share? What kind of information do you want to share?

How do you want to interact with your family, with your friends?

Make a plan, and stick to it.

Find the right detox coach

If you’re going to detox, you have to find the right coach.

There are many coaches out there.

I’d suggest using a coach, to get on a detox day, and then a coach to help you detox the next day, the day after that, and the day after that.

Make sure you find someone that you trust and who can help you with your detox days, and you’ll be able to see the changes in your life.

Find the right detox guidebook

This is another thing you need to do, to detox from your addiction.

A detox guidebook.

It’s like having a detox day planner, you can plan out your detox days ahead of time, and you can also choose which detox guidebook you want to follow.

The thing is, you may be able to detox and get away from the addiction if you’re doing everything right. Still, if you do not have a detox guidebook to follow, if you do not have a detox day planner to follow, you’re not going to be able to detox healthily.

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