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Have You Been Blocked, Deleted or User Has Been Deactivated?

Are you attempting to determine whether someone has blocked you on Facebook? Finding out if you’re blocked is simple if you know where to look.

When someone blocks you on Facebook, you receive no message or notification. You may check for certain indications that you may have been blocked, though.

When they notice that they haven’t seen their friends’ updates in their news feeds for some time, many people first start to assume a friend has blocked them on Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp.

When this occurs, it’s critical to avoid jumping to conclusions because postings may frequently be concealed from you by Facebook’s algorithm, which is renowned for prioritising information from certain accounts over that from others.

6 Ways to check if You have been Blocked on Facebook or Instagram

Here are the simple 6 ways to check if you have been blocked on Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp.

Search on Messenger by Sending a Message

Send them a direct message if you use the Facebook Messenger app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Launch the Facebook Messenger application.

Click or tap the pen and notepad-shaped Compose symbol in the top right corner. The app will prompt you to input the name of the person you want to communicate with.

Enter your friend’s name in the field and start typing. You will be allowed to communicate with them if their name and photo appear on the screen, confirming that you haven’t been blocked.

If they don’t appear, it either indicates you’ve been blocked, or you put their name wrong.

send a message

Try utilising Facebook Messenger to send the buddy a message. If you get an error notice, the person has probably been banned, unfriended, or had their profile erased.

Try Uploading a Photo and Tagging them

Create a post on Facebook and try to tag the individual in it. They’ve either blocked or unfriended you if you can’t tag them.

Invite Your Friend to Facebook Event or Group

Make an event on Facebook and try to invite your buddy. They have either banned or unfriended you if no results appear and their name is spelt correctly.

invite friend to facebook group

Try Opening their Recent Post or Tags

Take a look at your Facebook feed. If you don’t see their posts, they may have blocked or unfriended you.

Only if you are aware of their Facebook activity is this option for investigation possible, and even then, it may not be conclusive as Facebook’s algorithms may be choosing not to display their posts for other reasons.

They could still be your friends, but their privacy settings might be adjusted to prevent you from seeing their postings.

Do a Simple search on Facebook or Instagram

First, sign into Facebook and select Friends from the menu on the left to see your Friends List. Next, choose All Friends. then look up a buddy there by name.

You are not banned if you can view the person’s profile. The notice “Nothing to show” indicates that you might have been blocked.

Users on Facebook may often be searched. Try using the search box at the top of the page to look for the person’s name on Facebook.

They have probably banned or unfriended you if despite the fact that their profile has not been erased, the friend no longer displays or if you get a notification saying that the requested material is unavailable.

Try Searching for that Person through Different Facebook or Instagram Account

You can try creating another account and search for that Person. You can even borrow your Friend’s mobile phone and use their Facebook or Instagram Account to look up that Person.

If your Friend appears on that list, then you have been blocked! But, if you still cannot find that person, then maybe his/her account is deleted or deactivated.

lookup for account

Whether the User Account on Facebook or Instagram is Deleted/Deactivated

If someone has a private profile on Instagram, there are three techniques to determine if they have deleted their account:

You can request that someone else who uses a separate account do a web search for the individual. They will be able to view the profile whether or not they are friends with the individual on Instagram.

Even if the user has a private account or no posts, this will still function for them. If the person you are looking for has also blocked the third party, it won’t function.

To check if you can visit their profile, you may also establish another Instagram account using a different email. So long as they don’t have a private account, you may also read their posts.

If you know their username, you may check whether someone has cancelled their account using a web browser. Enter the precise username after typing the link “” into the browser. An image of a deleted Instagram account may be seen below.

When an account is deactivated, everything associated with it—including the profile, posts, comments, and even liked posts—is hidden. If they return to the platform, they may recover all that data. To fully recover their profile and information, they would need to log back into their account.

A smart technique to “delete” your profile without losing the data is deactivating your account. As a result, neither you nor your friends or a new Instagram account will be able to see a deactivated account.

Your friends or new Instagram accounts will be able to view it if they have blocked you (unless they have also been blocked).

Should I use Third Party App to Unblock or activate a Facebook Profile?

There are third-party applications that promise to enable you to view Instagram blockers. Some of these, like Blockers Spy, can serve as general statistics for your Instagram account.

The majority of them, meanwhile, are unreliable, and some of those that assert to be able to reveal who has banned you are actually malicious software. So use caution when utilising them.

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