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6 Factors to look out for while choosing an Affiliate Program

The first step for any aspiring affiliate marketer is to decide what affiliate program they would like to work in. These decisions do not come as easy as they look so here are a few basic things that a beginner should look out for while choosing an affiliate program.

  1. Cost of the package –Where there are free programs and paid ones, a beginner is usually advised to opt for a cheaper package that offers affiliate products that are competitively- prices so it is easier to gain sales.
  1. Availability of necessary marketing tools – If possible make use of readily supplied marketing tools rather than acquire them separately. It might be worthwhile to also look into the cookie life you are offered (e.g. BeRush offers 10-year life). The longer, the better you can store customers’ information.
  1. The popularity of the product – You need to look into the sales trends for the affiliate product’s past and future. It would be futile to invest on products that don’t sell, so it is important to choose deals that have high demand.
  1. Size of payment –Depending on what package you choose, you can earn anywhere from 1% (e.g. Amazon) to 70% (e.g. VJP Cars) of sales made. Naturally, the higher the better.
  1. Regularity of payment – It is important to check on what basis you are being paid. Many pay commission based on the number of sales, but there are some that pay out a flat fee or in terms of percentage of auction fee (such as eBay). For the beginners, it is recommended that they choose a faster rate rather than waiting for months.
  1. Opportunities to earn residual income – It is better to choose a multi-tier program than one-tier. Why? Because where one-tier program pays you a rate based on the business generated by you, a two-tier program pays commission for not only the sale of their affiliate products but also the subscription of affiliate programs referred by you. While you work in

On the whole, these factors should suffice in order to choose a suitable program and kick-start your journey.

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