6 Factors to look out for while choosing an Affiliate Program

Any ambitious affiliate marketer should begin by determining which affiliate programme they wish to work with. These choices are not as straightforward as they appear; therefore, here are a few fundamental factors that a newcomer should consider while selecting an affiliate network.

Cost of the package

There are free and paid programmes, and a newbie is typically encouraged to select a less expensive package that offers comparably priced affiliate products, making it easier to generate sales.

Availability of necessary marketing tools

Utilize widely available marketing resources whenever possible rather than purchasing them separately. It may be essential to investigate the cookie life you are provided (e.g. BeRush offers 10-year life). The longer you can store consumer information, the better.

The popularity of the product

It would be best if you investigated the affiliate product’s previous and projected sales trends. It is pointless to spend on things that do not sell, so it is critical to find bargains in high demand.

Size of payment

Depending on the package you choose, you can earn anywhere between 1% (for example, Amazon) and 70% (for example, VJP Cars) of sales. Naturally, the greater the height, the better.

Regularity of payment

It is critical to verify how you are compensated. Many charge a commission based on the number of sales, but some charge a flat fee or a portion of the auction fee (such as eBay). It is recommended that beginners choose a faster rate rather than waiting months.

Opportunities to earn residual income

It is preferable to use a multi-tier programme rather than a single-tier software. Why? A two-tier programme differs from a one-tier programme. It pays commissions not only on the sale of its affiliate products but also on the subscription to affiliate programmes referred by you. In contrast, a one-tier programme only pays commissions on the business you produce.

On the whole, these factors should suffice to choose a suitable program and kick-start your journey.

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