10 Advantages Of PDF Files – Why use PDF files?

PDF Files

PDF is the abbreviation of Portable Document Format. With the help of this new technique of file saving, you can easily create the document in any kind of file format and save the same in PDF file format and at the same time, you can easily share or upload the same online with another user.

There are many reasons for you to use PDF files instead of text documents and other types of files. PDF files are straightforward to read and edit and have a high degree of usability as an information delivery format.

PDF files are available on almost any computing platform. You can use PDF files on a Windows or Mac computer or a Smartphone.

You can easily create PDF files with various file types, but why you should create PDF files? There are various advantages of using PDF files.

why use pdf files
10 Advantages Of PDF Files - Why use PDF files? 1

Let’s have a look at some of the main benefits of using PDF files:

Compatible Across platforms

You can use PDF files with various devices, including smartphones and tablets. The wide variety of devices that support PDF files means that you can easily share them with anyone using one of these devices.

Any operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and even modern mobile phones and PDAs, can open PDF files. PDF files are universally compatible. You won’t have to be concerned about your coworkers, classmates, family, or anybody else with whom you’re sharing your work and cannot access your files any longer.

Tiny and Compact

It is automatically optimised when you convert an existing document to a PDF file, dramatically reducing the file size without sacrificing any of the document’s functionality. It’s important to note that you may frequently mix and merge numerous documents into a single PDF file: spreadsheets, word documents, images, and so on can all be combined into a single PDF file!

It can be created from any source document/application

Thanks to the sophisticated technology that underpins the PDF format, you can convert practically any document from almost any application to a PDF file. With a competent PDF Creator, your PDF file will appear to be printed on high-quality paper, just as if you had printed it yourself.

Securable, avoid people from modifying & redistributing your work

PDF files are safe and secure. They are easily shareable, they are encrypted, and computers easily manage them. They are also highly compressed. In addition, they are tiny files, so they are a perfect solution if you have limited hard disk space.

PDF files are highly secure and confidential. PDFs are a very convenient and safe method for exchanging and sharing information. Additionally, these files are also encrypted. This means that you can safely share these files with people you trust.

Secure, almost no chance of getting infected with viruses.

There’s almost no chance of a PDF file getting infected with something like a virus or trojan, making it a safe and trusted way of sharing your work.

Easy and quick to create when using the right software

You’ll find many different pdf conversion programs on the internet, one looking even fancier than the other, with prices varying from $30 to $4000. Most of them are pretty easy to use, though, and you’ll usually be able to convert your documents to PDF in a few simple clicks. Choosing a good software solution is another story, but you can find some advice in my other PDF Creator article.

Software to view PDF Files is entirely free.

Software like Acrobat Reader to open PDF Files can be downloaded for free and is already installed on most computers. Often it will be installed in combinations with other software you bought on CD-Rom. (A lot of companies deliver their documentation as PDF files.)

Viewable within most web-browsers

Nowadays, most modern browsers allow you to view PDF files from within the browser. When someone connects to a PDF file on a website, you can click on the link, and the PDF file will be opened immediately. You may also open local PDF files directly from your web browser, removing the requirement for dedicated PDF software such as Adobe Reader or Foxit PDF Reader altogether.

PDF Files meet legal document requirements.

A document must be kept in a format that can’t be changed or altered without leaving any footprints if you want it to be admissible in a court of law. A created PDF file can’t be altered and usually meets these legal requirements.

PDF documents have always been the best choice for document and information security and safety. Due to its digital format, the documents can be safely saved and sent across the networks. It is also possible to encrypt the documents so that it is quite difficult to view the documents without using the decryption key. You can also password protect the documents or enable the user authentication process so that only those can view the document who have a particular password.

Compatible with modern portable reader systems

This is an entirely new yet extremely strong phenomenon: several firms, such as Sony, are developing digital paper pads. These flat panels, which are not much larger than a traditional book, allow you to upload your PDF files to the device, allowing you to read through the content like you would a conventional book.

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