Wind as a source of renewable energy

Wind Energy

If not on the cleanest list, Wind is definitely on the list of the renewable energy sources on Earth. Very few people are aware that the energy sector growing fastest is wind.

wind as a source of renewable energy

Another secondary sort of solar power is wind. The surfaces on the Earth are independent, and thus each surface reacts differently when it faces sunlight and the heat from it. When heated by the sunlight, all the surfaces warm up as per their levels.

Also, the air surrounding these individual surfaces warms up accordingly and fertilizes the process of wind. Temperature, at different places, is extra and will be lower over water bodies than over rocky ground. When the hot air rises, the voids are filled immediately by the cold air. During this process, the cold air becomes wind and a low priced and clean energy source.

Since wind happens to be an event that occurs naturally, it is among the significant energy sources. Following are the points to be considered:

  1. As long as the sun exists, so will the wind, making it a renewable source of energy.
  2. Form the time man has been sailing boats, he has been using wind as an energy source.
  3. Mills were first used for turning of wheels for grinding grain in Iran.
  4. In America, the colonists grind grain, moved water and cut wood with the mills.
  5. For rural America, during the 1920s, a supreme source of energy was the wind harnessed by windmills.
  6. In the current scenario, wind power is used most by California, which is also the country that produces electricity twice than any other state.
  7. Vertical and horizontal models are the two forms of modern windmills.
  8. A horizontal windmill is the conventional form that pops on when one thinks of windmills.
  9. Vertical mills look similar to an egg beater that is upside down and are hypnotic while spinning.
  10. Most of the wind energy production is by the private businesses that use an electric grid hookup to sell it to the utilities, opposing the traditional ones.
  11. Seventeen billion kilowatts are generated every year by the wind power in the United States, which even after providing for all the electrical needs of Chicago, would still be left to use.
  12. Over 30 states own and operate wind firms through which electricity is generated and supplied to utility companies.
  13. Some prevailing forces that produce energy from wind are California, Minnesota, Iowa, Texas and Wyoming.
  14. Germany is the biggest producer of wind energy, also presiding the production of solar power.

These discoveries of winds will always surprise many people. One of the imposing facts is the capability of wind energy to supply enough power to an entire city of Chicago. With time, heading towards the 21st century, technology is made capable of creating wind energy platforms to provide it to individual residences.

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