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Why Joomla Websites are Hard to Rank on Google?

Joomla Websites

Joomla is a popular content management system that is used by millions of websites. Joomla enables you to create a website quickly and easily with drag and drop tools. You can control everything from the design to the content with Joomla.

However, this popular platform is not particularly friendly to SEO professionals. This can make it difficult for a website to rank well on search engine results pages (SERPs).

joomla websites

Why is it harder to optimise Joomla sites?

Joomla, unlike WordPress, does not have an SEO-friendly default configuration. As a result, you’ll have to spend a lot of time dealing with on-site SEO concerns that aren’t present in other CMSes.

Duplicate content (which Google dislikes) and canonicalization difficulties are two of the most typical SEO problems with Joomla (that can force the wrong URL to be indexed).

In most cases, you can use extensions like Route 66 to fix these difficulties after a few hours of work, but that’s time you wouldn’t have to spend in another CMS.

Joomla Development Takes More Time than Other Platforms.

When you hire an SEO company, they will analyse the keyword to determine the searcher’s intent and then develop specific pages using the on-page SEO averages that are rewarded in the SERPs for their work.

It takes a long time and sometimes leads to compromises and frustrations to do this in Joomla.

Almost all of the Joomla developers we deal with now recognise that WordPress development is far quicker.

When you’re attempting to boost the website’s SEO in a perceptible way, this is a genuine difficulty.


There are many reasons why Joomla sites are hard to rank on Google. One of the main reasons is that Google has a bias against Joomla. This is because the platform was created for content management, not for search engine optimization (SEO). Another reason is that there are not many high-quality plugins or extensions available for Joomla. This means that site owners have to use trial and error to find what works best for their website. This can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when they don’t know how to code

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