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Why Do Adware and Malware Even Exist?

What is an Adware?

Adware is malicious software that is created to display a large number of commercials and other advertisements on your computer.

Adware also interferes with the proper functioning of the computer and displays pop-up ads and banner ads while you are trying to use the application. Although adware can be annoying, it can also be a potential threat. So, there is no harm in getting rid of it.

Adware can damage your operating system because it may be able to replace system files with their own malicious versions. Also, the adware may install other malware on your PC and create backdoors that can be used to further spread infections.

Some adware comes bundled with toolbars and other software and they may also track your online activities. So, you may end up falling victim to a phishing scam. Moreover, the adware may install rogue security settings that may compromise the security of your system. Hence, always keep an eye on your PC to detect and delete it as soon as it is detected.

What is Malware?

Malware is a generic term for malicious software, typically considered to be software (or possibly hardware) that is used by attackers to disrupt computers, gain access to data, or otherwise gain a benefit.

The malware threat is not something new. With that said, the threat has become much more widespread, and the attacks more numerous, and with that, a lot of malware in recent years have been new and unknown threats that we as users have not been trained to watch out for. It can get quite difficult for users to protect themselves and their computers.

Why do Adware and Malware Exist?

You might be wondering why there are so many different kinds of adware and malware out there. Particularly because you don’t see why you’d wake up and decide that you should spend a bunch of time developing something to annoy a tonne of people that you’ll never meet.

It seems a bit crazy that there are people deriving enjoyment from the idea that random people all over the world have to deal with the software that you’ve written. It also seems crazy that there are people who think that it’s okay to offer your product code for sale to random people and then have the audacity to complain when someone tries to buy your product.

But adware writers aren’t concerned with that. They don’t care that you have to take time from your day to deal with pop-up advertisements and all of that. They’re far too busy spending the money that those ads give them.

Those ads that you see on your computer aren’t written by the guy who wrote the adware. That ad space isn’t sold to the adware writer either. They’re members of an advertising network that pays them for the number of people who view their ads. How do they make money? They get a commission on the sale of every piece of software that is bought because of an ad.

Many (particularly the less scrupulous advertising networks) don’t really care who is looking at the ads. They sell, for example, ten thousand advertisement views to an advertiser. As long as they’ve shown those ten thousand views to someone, they’re happy. Sheep on the other end? No problem.

This is, of course, where adware comes in. They display the ads somewhere, rack them in the advertising views, and get paid in the process. Of course, I’m simplifying a lot here, but you get the general idea: those advertisements, even if you’re just closing them, are making somebody rich at the expense of your free time and sanity.

And that’s not even touching the issue of the ads themselves. I’m sure you’ve seen them, those obtrusive little square things on your screen that make you want to rip your monitor off your desk and use it as a stress ball.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why adware and malware exist. Some of these reasons include the desire to make a profit, to cause harm, or to collect personal information. While adware and malware can be annoying and even dangerous, there are ways to protect yourself from them. Be sure to keep your computer updated with the latest security software, and be careful what you click on.

So what can be done to combat this issue? Well, users need to be more vigilant about the software they are downloading and installing on their devices.

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