What does Technology mean?

Technology is defined as the use of some device which is based on some scientific method and some electronics or electrical method, that is used to make work easier and saves a lot of time.

In simple words, technology is the modification, build, usage, tool and techniques, system, knowledge and machines, which are used to solve a complex problem. It greatly affects a human’s life. With the advancement in technology, life has become much and easier. You can now call anyone at any time through phones, you can now travel easily to any place.

Technology means the knowledge of techniques and processes that can be embedded in machines to perform some specific operation in an abstract way. Even the simplest form of technology is used in developing basic tools. Before the 20th century, technology term was used to represent the study of useful arts or suggested to increase technical knowledge.

Technology widely differs from materials to immaterial, they can have mental or physical effort required to achieve the desired result. For example, a simple crowbar or spoon is also great small technology whereas, at a larger scale, a rocket ship to land on the moon is another great technology. Technology is also dangerous for a living when considering about the atom bomb, that could take away all life forms.

Technology does sometimes gives you the power but the same can become a disaster for everyone. Hence, we should use it wisely. Technology is boon in medical science that can help in curing the biggest diseases like Cancer, Tuberculosis, etc.

One of the first technology which was invented is the wheel. Technology is now used to harness various form of energies. The computer is the best Technology invented by humans that are now widely used in all the activity. The internet helped in connecting to every part of the world. So Technologies mean great value for our survival.

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