What are the Ethical Issues?

Ethical Issues are defined as a situation that arises in a person’s life such that moral conflict occurs and the decision of good or bad lies in that situation. In simple words, it is condition where your moral standards are questioned. Ethics are basically a set of rules, written and unwritten that predict the expectations of our own and other behaviour. It effectively says that how a person might behave in a situation and what can be expected from it.

Ethical Issues are related to both individuals and businesses, as they both can be involved in a conflict and any of their action can lead to a question from an ethical standpoint. These conflicts can sometimes be legally dangerous, since some of the alternatives which solve an issue might lead to breach a particular law. Sometimes, it can have legal consequences but will surely lead to a negative reaction from third parties. This quite becomes challenging as there is no specific guidelines or precedents that are know at that situation.

 Ethical Issues can be related to various work domains like :

  • Professional Life
  • International Marketing
  • Clinical Research
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Media
  • Archaeology
  • Social Work
  • Biotechnology
  • And many other fields

Why is it Important ?

 Ethics plays a very important role in our society because it is the basic beliefs and standards that make everything work perfect. For example, We believe in our doctors ethics and hence we can trust their diagnoses. Ethics are also applied to chemist, hence they give good medicine. In simple words, Ethics give us comfort that business deal will not fall through. Without Ethics, the term innocent will not exist in society.

Ethical Issues are applied to everyone. If Engineers decide to go with bad ethics for money, then it won’t bother to take time to plan a well-structured building which might fall down and kill of innocents. Even some might not follow ethics but there must be some ethics that could maintain peace and prosperity, hence law force is applied too, otherwise, everyone will fight without thinking of consequences.

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