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How Can I view a private Instagram profile without following it?

This a question among many people about how to see someone’s private Instagram. There can be different reasons for the same; usually, it is stalking.

Another user may easily access and see everything on a public account without following you. However, a private account’s profile cannot be read without authorisation. But what if we told you it could be done?

Instagram offers users a safe environment like any social media network. Personal account settings are one of the company’s security features for users. There is, however, no straightforward means for any user to breach the security barrier and access any private user’s posts.

To answer your question, how to view a private Instagram profile without following it? You can’t because that’s the point of a private account.

There is no direct way to see a private Instagram account. But with some effort, you can create a new account for these purposes or have a friend follow it.

Instagram has undergone several adjustments recently; as a result, the app has grown in popularity. If you use Instagram, you are aware that you must first register an account to use the services. Instagram accounts are classified into two groups. One is private, while the other is open to the public. Only if the person in front of you accepts your following request will you be able to access the private account.

Another user may easily access and see everything on a public account without even following you. However, a private account’s profile cannot be read without authorisation.

Why should I view an Instagram Profile Privately?

So, let’s have a look at some illustrations. Perhaps you’re interested in the competitors’ Instagram strategies and would want to learn from them by watching a competition. Spying on the competition is inevitable since it is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the game. Maybe you’re intrigued by their hidden Instagram account, or maybe you’re starting to develop feelings for them.

Or, perhaps you’re a journalist or reporter hoping to learn more about a certain person by perusing their Instagram feed. The individual in question has a private Instagram account; you obviously don’t want to follow it, since doing so would alert the account’s owner. In addition, you may be a curious parent who wants to keep tabs on their child’s Instagram activity or a curious employer or recruiter who wants to learn more about their present or prospective employee’s Instagram activity.

Trick 1 – Try Sending a Follow Request

This is the most official and real method of viewing any private Instagram profile without breaking any laws or circumventing the security barrier. This will allow you to follow popular yet private Instagram profiles.

It will, however, be useless if you intend to stalk the account without the person’s knowledge. Spying on someone without their agreement is also a criminal activity. As a result, sending the following request is the simplest option. You may do this by creating a fake account and sending a follow request to it. Once the request is accepted, you can view a private Instagram profile without using your real account.

Trick 2 – Search on Google; you can see followers

This strategy may or may not be applicable to all personal accounts. You can, however, visit private Instagram accounts directly on Google to see their photographs and albums.

Enter their username in the Google search field and click enter to see the results. Some of the users’ images may surface in Google searches, but they are not available on their personal accounts.

Trick 3 – Using Third-Party Apps

On both the smartphone and the laptop/PC, there are various third-party programs to choose from. IMGLookup is one of the most popular of these programs. However, we do not recommend these programs because you are invading the privacy of any user without their knowledge or consent.

imglookup ig profile viewer

If you have a personal Instagram account, it’s always better to keep it private. If you want to engage in some harmless online stalking but don’t want to follow someone, the next best thing is to look them up on Google and other social networking sites.

Other approaches to gaining access to a private profile are misleading and immoral and hence are not suggested. Remember that any unethical action will result in your target individual blocking you and maybe banning you from Instagram.

Trick 4 – Check Their Profile on Other Social Media Platforms

If someone has made their Instagram account private, they certainly haven’t made their other social media accounts private. And, for the most part, social media users share the same photos and videos across all of their profiles.

Consider checking a person’s Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, or other social media accounts if you genuinely want to see their private Instagram profile. Move on after getting their entire names from their Instagram profiles. You can gather the information you need by looking at their profiles on other sites. Don’t be a social media stalker.

Trick 5 – View Profile through their Friend’s Account

You may also check a person’s Instagram account if you have a common friend who is following them. That is the traditional method and totally legit way.


I hope you have some ideas on how to view someone’s private Instagram profile without following them. Always make legitimate choices while using any social media tools and applications. Searching for private Instagram viewers and such tools will waste your time. They could also be harmful to the privacy and security of your smartphone or laptop that you use to access your own Instagram profile.

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