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How to write the perfect Instagram bio for your profile?

Instagram Bio

The Instagram bio is what you write at the top of the Instagram profile that says something like “What I am”. If you are thinking about opening a beauty business and you are not sure what to write in your bio, this is the time to think about it.

The ability to write a good Instagram bio is something that can greatly affect the way a prospective buyer interacts with you or just gives you a great amount of confidence. The bio is a short space of text where you will need to provide your most important information for a potential buyer.

In this post, we will show you what to write in your bio, the dos and don’ts for the perfect Instagram bio, and how to ensure you write the perfect Instagram bio for yourself.

write instagram bio
write a perfect Instagram bio

What to write in your Instagram bio?

So now that you know how to write a good Instagram bio, what should you write? The following are a few sample sentences that you should be careful of when writing your Instagram bio:


Don’t write down your contact information. Potential buyers will see your bio and quickly scan it. Instead of providing a phone number or an email address, write something generic. The goal of your bio is to tell a potential buyer more about you. In the future, when a buyer has contacted you, you can show them a bio that’s filled with your contact information and they will immediately recognize who you are.

Don’t write your website and company name down. Many businesses think that writing their website or business name down in a bio will impress people who are scanning through their bios. Do not do this. You will want to write a link that goes straight to your business website. When someone is scrolling through their Instagram feed, they will want to see what you are selling without leaving your Instagram. Therefore, you need to provide your business’ website or a link to it.

Don’t write something generic. Think about your company and the items that you are selling. Make it personal. If you’re a dog training business, you can write something like: I train dogs! I take great care of them, and I love working with new, interesting breeds. That is just one example. Make your bio personal. Otherwise, you will not be remembered when someone scans through your bio.

Don’t write what you’re selling. Potential buyers don’t want to know what you’re selling. In fact, they may be on Instagram because they are bored and looking for something to do. They may not want to be a part of your business. You want to give them some reasons why they should be interested in your products or company. If you’re selling dog training, you can write something like: My business helps people with their dogs. We are dog trainers who are passionate about working with dogs. It’s fun and we love it!

Don’t talk about your own social media activities. No one is interested in the number of followers you have or how often you tweet. They want to know about your product or service. If you’re a dog training company, talk about your dogs, how long they have been training with you, and that you provide training services in Chicago.

Don’t be boring. Many business owners think that they have to be completely boring in their Instagram bio. In reality, you don’t. You can include hashtags and links in your bio. But, do not talk about yourself.

Don’t talk about the past. There is no need to talk about how many customers you have and what is the highest-grossing month of your business. Tell the buyer who you are.


  • The first thing you write in your Instagram bio is your name. Why? Because you are going to tag friends in the photos you take, and your friends will see your name in their feeds. Your bio should tell people what kind of a person you are and how you present yourself. It should tell people why they should follow you and not just take your pictures. The way you tag friends is also important, and that is why there is a space in which you are free to put a comma after each friend.
  • Tell the followers what you do and how you provide service.
  • Focus on what you can do for your customers, your brand and your business. Let them know what you do and focus on it. Don’t write something vague or a little boring because if you do, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.
  • Write in a way that will help you get more followers on Instagram. You can also create a series of videos to promote your business. Instagram allows you to upload up to 10-second videos. When you upload a video, you have the option to add links and tags to help other people find your content and to help others discover your business.
  • Images are one of the most effective ways to promote your business on Instagram. And of course, you want to have the best images to promote your business. Your photos don’t have to be expensive because your customers will be able to afford to pay for them. But to get the most out of your images, you have to make sure they have all the characteristics you want.

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