Top 5 Teaching Platforms for E-Teachers

Teaching Platforms for E-Teachers

Covid-19 has brought in a new normal of online classes. Schools have been closed for months, and everything has been shifted to e-platform.

Many teachers faced problems initially, but the situation has improved now. Also, they are surprised at the options they have to teach apart from that book-narration. From games to test, so many tools can help teachers in e-teaching. So let’s look at some of the best tools for teachers that assist in conducting online classes.


This platform is nothing less than a classroom, and it’s more than that. A digital classroom. It has been created to give the classroom a 21st-century look. Teachers, students, and parents have access to it and can join, interact, and learn. The interface is similar to a social networking site and is absolutely user friendly. It is also the safest source as anything and everything uploaded on it comes to the knowledge of the teacher. A teacher can give assignments, grade them, talk to parents, upload resources etc. More than 650 million resources have already been shared on this.


One of the best and most preferred choices of teachers and students. This learning platform is game-based. After aligning it with the syllabus, teachers and educational institutions create fun-loving games, quizzes, assignments, etc. All of this can be done for various subjects and standards. It can be used from any device and in any language. This app successfully captures students’ engagement and makes learning easier and more fun.


Teachers use this online platform for providing visual learning experiences. This award-winning education technology allows teachers to present images with sounds, music, animations, etc., so that it becomes eye-catching and interactive. The picture can be just an image, a table or a graph etc. The teacher can add notes, references or videos to the image for better understanding and explanation. This makes learning more presentable and easier to understand.

Toppr OS

Another platform for rich mass teaching. Toppr os is used mostly by schools for online streaming of what is nothing more than classroom lectures. This platform is a complete set in itself. It shows your timetable with current sessions going on. It allows teachers to share images, play videos, conduct polls and tests etc. Apart from this, it has a network of experts who can solve queries and clear doubts. It has been classified 5-12 with subjects relevant to the standard.


A platform most loved by the students. It is a fact that learning is more effective when it has a story attached to it and when it has many visuals. This platform is the right choice for that. The teachers can use this to create stories that deliver knowledge. The writing and reading skills of the students get improved in this act of storytelling. Teachers can conduct these sessions, interact with students, take quizzes and even provide feedback.

The above stated were the five best tools for online teaching. These tools can make the teaching and learning process easier, fun-loving and more efficient. However, no platform is good enough without the commitment from both students and teachers. These tools make communication effective, but commitment is the tool that’ll help you sail through.

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