How to Create Android Games for Free Without Coding

If you’re thinking about making games for Android, you might wonder if it’s as easy as it seems. Even though making an Android game is a good way to learn how to code, it can be more of a hassle than many people think.

There are many things to think about, like how to get the right licence, which SDK to use, which tools to use for game development, and so on. To create an app in the past, you had to be a programmer, which would probably take weeks, months, or even years. Now, however, there are several platforms for developing apps that you may use to quickly construct an app.

Creating an Android game without coding and programming knowledge is possible. You can create and publish games on Google Play to earn money from advertisements!


Free to use is AppsGeyser. They advertise that there are no costs, restrictions, limits, or subscription plans. To get you started and make designing the app even simpler, more than 50 distinct templates are available.

The website utilises a preview screen to demonstrate how your app would appear; however, I had some difficulty getting it to function consistently.


They don’t support posting the app to the stores because it’s free. They will receive 50% of whatever monetization you generate to cover the expense.


For the platforms of Android, iOS, HTML5, and macOS, GameSalad is specifically designed to create and distribute game apps. This platform uses a drag-and-drop interface and doesn’t require any prior programming experience.

Its manner of operation comprises switching back and forth between the characters while modifying the appearance and sound of the characters in a scene.


Drag-and-drop elements, in-app purchasing, and GameCircle APIs are all included in this builder. The site also has a forum where you may get advice from other users to aid in the development of your app.


Users may create cloud-based apps using Appy Pie even if they have no prior coding experience. Create apps for Windows, iOS, and Android using the platform, then upload them to Google Play or iTunes for distribution. No downloads or instals are required because drag-and-drop components are used.

The finished software is a hybrid that runs on all platforms, including Blackberry, and is built on HTML5. Push alerts, real-time analytics, ad monetization, and GPS location tracking are all available. Websites, blogs, music, radio, media feeds, and more may all be linked to your app.



The most well-known platform for creating Android apps is Andromo.

Making your own app just has to be done in these three steps:

  • Select Project for Andromo.
  • To add features, images, content, and anything else that makes your app special, just fill out a few short forms, which would be asked in it.
  • To create your app, press a button. That’s it!

Andromo does not include a preview panel that allows you to see how your app will appear when adding items or adjusting formatting, unlike many other app builders.


They will email it to you after you’ve finished creating your app. They do not support the Play store posting of the app. But you can make One app with advertisements for free.


With the help of the cloud-based app creator AppMakr, you can create iOS, HTML5 and Android apps. There are no restrictions on the number of applications or updates you can create.

High-resolution photo galleries, push alerts, real-time updates, music and video streaming, chat rooms, Google map integration, shared events calendars, in-app purchasing, and more features are among its many features.

On a dashboard, you can keep an eye on your apps and change their looks and features. Using tabs, you’ll add stuff.

When you publish, there is an additional $99 one-time fee after it is initially free.


Building applications using Appery is simple and quick. There is no requirement for downloading and installing anything or for creating code. Drag-and-drop components are used to build the user interface, and everything is done on the cloud.

The Apache component embedded into this platform is used to create apps for iOS and Android.

You can add certain features to your app using the plugins in the Appery library, but you can also build custom plugins just for your app. You may instantly share your project with business users, clients, or developers.

QuickApp Ninja

A programme called QuickAppNinja that automatically creates games presently has a lot of templates for QuizApps.

It allows you to create quizzes using pre-existing templates in around five minutes. However, you may also create your own.

Additionally, it enables you to include Survey and Ad features in your applications to monetize the games you create.

Features in QuickApp Ninja

  • You may quickly develop your own games with the help of QuickAppNinja, a game app builder.
  • You earn money by having advertisements in your games.
  • No specialised abilities or coding experience are required.
  • Create games with the simple, user-friendly drag-and-drop game wizard.


There are many benefits of creating games for Android. For example, it could become a source of passive income for you, or you can sell in-game content. Now you know that creating games for Android without coding is absolutely possible. Maybe you cannot develop complex games, but many easy games are surely possible. You shouldn’t mind when you don’t have to apply coding knowledge to develop these games.

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