Is Telegram better than WhatsApp Messenger?

Telegram vs WhatsApp

If you have a question, is Telegram better than WhatsApp? Then you have arrived at the correct place. Today, we will discuss the differences between Telegram and WhatsApp, more security, and user views.

When Facebook introduced what looked to be significant modifications to its privacy policy earlier this year, the popular instant messaging company WhatsApp lost the faith of many loyal users.

Accepting the upgrades appeared to imply that WhatsApp may share users’ private chats with its parent firm, Facebook.

However, there was a miscommunication, as the modifications only applied to business talks, which do not have the same level of privacy as chats with friends and family. Nonetheless, you may be curious as to whether WhatsApp is secure to use.

telegram better than whatsapp
Is Telegram better than WhatsApp?

If you’re wondering whether alternative applications, like Telegram, are a better choice, we’ll go over the encryption and data collecting techniques used by both Telegram and WhatsApp.

Is Telegram better than WhatsApp?

Telegram, owned by Russian-born Pavel Durov, is just as popular as WhatsApp, with over 500 million users.

Durov hasn’t been shy in dismissing WhatsApp’s and other competitors’ security, even claiming that WhatsApp is unsafe to use and that Telegram provides superior privacy to its users.

However, unlike WhatsApp, most consumers are unaware that Telegram only offers end-to-end encryption for two-person ‘Secret Chats.’ Messages aren’t protected by that degree of security by default, which means you could think they’re private when they’re not.

That’s because they’re only encrypted between the user’s device and Telegram’s servers (meaning anyone trying to read them would see gibberish). On those servers, however, they are not encrypted.

Although the chances of someone compromising those systems and accessing your communications are slim, they do exist.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, provides end-to-end encryption for two-person chats, group chats, and, most recently, chat backups. However, encryption isn’t the only factor to consider.

telegram better than whatsapp
Full Comparison Telegram better than WhatsApp

There’s also the personal information that each app captures and maintains.

Telegram’s privacy policy states that it gathers less information than WhatsApp and saves information such as your IP address, devices, and the history of your username changes for up to 12 months.

On the other hand, WhatsApp captures a lot more metadata, including sensitive data like your location, phone number, and device ID.

Should I uninstall WhatsApp and use Telegram?

This sort of information is automatically shared with Facebook until you opt out.

Messages and audio or video calls, on the other hand, are entirely secured. “We will always secure personal chats with end-to-end encryption so that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read these private communications,” according to one of WhatsApp’s FAQs.

So now you know that WhatsApp is a safer alternative for transmitting messages, photographs, and videos than Telegram, especially if you frequently communicate in groups. The same end-to-end encryption likewise protects voice and video calls.

You’re still thinking about uninstalling WhatsApp because you don’t trust it or don’t like how much data it collects outside of encrypted messages.

That, and the fact that, unlike WhatsApp, Telegram does not limit you to using it on a single phone (though you can now use WhatsApp on up to four companion devices.)

Of course, while Telegram has a similar user base to WhatsApp, the individuals you see on Telegram may not be the same people you see on WhatsApp, so if you move, you may need to convince your friends and family to do the same.

There are a few reasons to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram, but we still choose WhatsApp because of the system-wide end-to-end encryption. If the data collecting and sharing with Facebook is an issue for you, keep in mind that Telegram isn’t the only option.

WhatsApp vs Telegram Complete Difference

A signal is another solution that comes with end-to-end encryption out of the box and is also open source.

Social chat applications have become a fundamental and necessary part of our everyday lives in today’s digital environment, functioning as our virtual communication assistants. However, whether it’s for features, rights, or security, we need to figure out which app is the finest to utilize.

telegram better than whatsapp
Permission Details, Is Telegram better than WhatsApp

Do you know that when Facebook paid substantial money for WhatsApp, the number of users increased significantly, just like Telegram did following WhatsApp’s policy announcement?

Few other apps profited from WhatsApp’s new security policy announcement in January 2021, especially Telegram, which had a spike in downloads overnight, so let’s compare WhatsApp and Telegram.


To use WhatsApp on a different device, you must first accept to delete your existing account.

To use WhatsApp on the system, scan the QR code that displays on the WhatsApp site and begin communicating. However, communication will be synced in both your mobile and the system simultaneously, so your device must be near the system.

Telegram is available on several platforms, and users must log in with their phone numbers. Messages sync quickly, but if the main device loses connection, all other devices also lose access.


Because WhatsApp has a storage limit, users will be forced to delete their data frequently. Users must utilise Google Drive file links to communicate with large files.

Unlimited server storage in Telegram

Telegram offers unlimited storage. This implies that they will keep all of your text messages, photographs, media files, and documents in their cloud. You may log out and back in as many times as you want from as many devices without losing any data, and you don’t have to worry about backups or restores.

You can check which devices you’re currently logged in on by looking at the active sessions. As a result, you may download any file from any location at any time. We can now upload a single file up to 2GB in size. The total number of files that may be uploaded is unlimited.


Groups can have up to 256 members, and by restricting members’ access, the admin can turn the group into a notification center.

Telegram may have up to 2,00,000 users, and you can join or establish Channels to get notifications.


Every message sent using WhatsApp is encrypted from beginning to end. Users’ personal information will be kept private on the platform.

Secret Chat is end-to-end encrypted, with communications deleting at the time selected by the user. Group and one-on-one chats in Telegram are client-server encrypted.

If you’re seeking features, you’ve come to the right place. Although Telegram is superior to WhatsApp in terms of functionality, WhatsApp is significantly superior in terms of security and encryption.

Secret chat in Telegram

Secret chat is an end-to-end encrypted conversation in which a self-destruct timer can be specified. When the timer expires, the messages will be automatically removed. It may not be able to hack in any way.

Bots Feature

It is a little piece of software that is based on AI and machine learning. It is capable of doing a variety of jobs. An image bot, for example, may get photos based on the name. Bots come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Image bot, sticker bot, and gif bot are all popular bots.

The advantage of using Telegram

  • Telegram is more concerned with privacy, yet it is less controlled, and you may post any content you want on it.
  • Telegram has a massive group capacity of over 2,00,000 (2 lakh participants in a single group).
  • Telegram allows you to send files up to 100 GB in size. Telegram allows you to go global, meaning that if you search for (Movie name), Telegram will show you all of the channels with that phrase or name.
  • Telegram does not offer end-to-end encryption and concentrates mostly on business channels.
  • The general public does not widely utilise Telegram.
  • Telegram makes monetization a lot easier.

The advantage of Using WhatsApp

  • Encryption from beginning to a conclusion in all places.
    Everywhere, WhatsApp employs end-to-end encryption. Telegram exclusively utilises it for private communication.
  • WhatsApp has a larger number of users. Telegram has fewer subscribers than WhatsApp.

Is Telegram Safer than WhatsApp?

Telegram is at the centre of the privacy spectrum, and it distinguishes itself from other IM programs thanks to its efforts to establish a social network-like atmosphere. While it does not gather as much data as WhatsApp, it does not enable encrypted group calls nor provide the same level of user data privacy or business transparency.

Telegram collects information such as your name, phone number, contact list, and user ID that might be connected to you.

telegram better than whatsapp
Telegram is better than WhatsApp

Telegram gathers your IP address as well, which Signal does not. Unlike Signal and WhatsApp, Telegram’s one-to-one communications aren’t encrypted by default. Instead, you must enable them in the app’s settings. Telegram group communications are unencrypted as well.

Other News regarding Safety

If you’re torn between Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp as an encrypted chat apps, go with Signal. This isn’t about who has the finest features, bells and whistles, or is the most user-friendly; it’s all about personal space. And if you’re looking for privacy, Signal is the way to go.

You’re undoubtedly aware of what occurred. In a viral tweet, last January, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk escalated his dispute with Facebook by recommending that users abandon WhatsApp in favour of Signal. Musk’s call was retweeted by Twitter’s then-CEO, Jack Dorsey. Following the Capitol assaults, the right-wing social network Parler went down, and political boycotters deserted Facebook and Twitter.

Conclusion – Is Telegram better than WhatsApp?

Telegram, in my opinion, is considered superior to WhatsApp, with numerous features and frequent upgrades. so I prefer it more than WhatsApp.

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