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  • attendance monitoring systems

    Role of an Attendance Monitoring System

    An attendance monitoring system refers to a software application or a mix of hardware and software that is utilised for the purpose of monitoring and documentin

  • install kodi on raspbian

    How to Install Kodi on Raspbian

    If you’re looking for open-source media centre software that can transform your Raspberry Pi into a versatile streaming device, Kodi is a perfect choice.

  • vmware cloud

    What is VMware Cloud | Features and Benefits

    VMWare Cloud is a ground-breaking cloud computing service that has transformed the delivery of digital services. It gives users access to a secure, efficient, a

  • vmware alternatives

    5 VMware Alternatives for Desktop Virtualization

    Desktop virtualization is a technology that enables enterprises to host many virtual desktops on a single physical device, thereby granting employees access to

  • data mining - digital gyan

    How data mining is useful to businesses?

    Data mining involves finding hidden patterns in data sets and using the results to predict future events. But before we get into any detail, let’s clarify what

  • what is apache hadoop

    What is Apache Hadoop and Where it is Used?

    We are in the era of the data age, and there has been an abrupt increase in the size and scale of web data. Big data has distinct and complex unstructured forma

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