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Top 4 Benefits of Face Recognition Time Attendance System

Time Attendance System – “Save time, save money”, an excellent thought, good to hear. However, the million dollar question is ‘How’. People are trying hard in the organisational area to reduce the time constraint for the leisure activities so that the saved time can be utilised in productive areas. As the demand is rising, the corporate sector is turning towards automation. To record the time and attendance automatically, earlier there was no option but to rely on pen and paper register, which is now replaced by the face recognition time attendance system.

Face recognition systems are the newest technology-based security solutions that offer security at premises by recognising the facial features. The device captures the facial features and stores the captured patterns into the database of the computer. When the same individual revisits the premise, then the face recognition system again captures the facial image and performs the matching process between the old and the newest captured patterns. When it finds the match, it grants the authentication; otherwise, it denies.

5 Benefits obtained from Face-Recognition Time Attendance System:

While using the face-recognition technology based time attendance system, you can get some benefits which could enhance the management process. Few of them are listed below: (Time Attendance System)

1. Maintains Overall Records

An automated face recognition time attendance system maintains the overall presence record of the employees in the organization. Through the maintained time and data sheet the overtime, under time, the sick leaves are taken by the employees, the unpaid leaves of the employees etc. everything can be very well managed and accordingly work distribution can be planned. Scheduling of the staffs can also be known through it which can ultimately upraise the productive hours.

2. Get Rid of Pen & Paper System:

The newest technology helps in substituting the older paper register method efficiently. It also saves money that the organization used to spend behind manual security guards, and then also it lacked satisfaction. Face-recognition time attendance system gives better maintenance of data as it supports the electronic medium of data storage. Also, the system gives a good impression of the organization in front of the business clients and other concerned people.

3. Financial Benefits

The face-recognition time attendance system helps in saving time, eliminates manual mistakes and controls over employee theft. Since the face recognition system controls every single event electronically, therefore, reduces the possibility of error. The attendance is noted down electronically. Therefore, it saves the time of the employees which they can efficiently indulge in their productive hours.

o Payroll Management:

The crucial business process is the payroll management. It consumes not only hard work but also an immense amount of time when it is calculated manually. The HR and other financial departments give their 100%, but still, the result comes unexpectedly. The only way to get the calculation accuracy is with the help of face-recognition time attendance system. If the time-related data can be maintained automatically then with the help of payroll software, payroll can be generated instantly.

4. Do not have to remember!

Once you have implemented the device there is no issue of remembering anything as; the device is reliable enough to be trusted. Just set the device according to your organisational requirement and enjoy the services.

All these advantages are mainly responsible for gaining the existence in the present market. Not only the time attendance system but the face-recognition access control system is also being in use nowadays for controlling the access to the premises. Now, it is your turn to better secure your premises.

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