OTG Cable – Control your Android with Keyboard and Mouse

You want to use the USB mouse and keyboard that came with your computer on your Android smartphone.

These two factors simplified your typing-related tasks. You can use your pocket Android device to write reports, documents, and other typing-related tasks.

WPS Office is the most popular Android app to create the presentation, report and other text related work on your android smartphone.

You need three Gadget accessories to complete the Procedure

  • OTG Cable
  • USB Mouse OR Wireless Mouse
  • USB Keyboard OR Wireless Keyboard

With the help of these two slots, you will be able to connect anything that is related to USB.

What is an OTG Cable?

An OTG cable (On the Go) is a small device that plugs into your USB port and lets you connect a USB thumb drive to your computer.

This makes it much easier to move large files from one computer to another. When you attach the cable, Windows recognises the cable and offers a pop-up box telling you that the device is connected. You can click OK and then use the USB drive normally. It’s similar to connecting a USB thumb drive. However, you need to use an OTG cable, not a normal USB cable.

otg cable

But before jump on the next step make sure your smartphone supports OTG or not?

Some of the cheap phones don’t support OTG. You have to make sure that your Android smartphone is supported by OTG. If you are not sure your device supports OTG or not, then I will suggest you check your phone’s specification.

You can buy OTG Cable from any online shopping site or you can buy from mobile and gadget stores.

You can control your whole smartphone like as PC. When you connect mouse through OTG cable, then it will show the cursor on your smartphone’s screen. You can drag, click and even you can use the scroll for controlling your smartphone.

How to use Both Mouse and Keyboard on Android Smartphone.

To use a keyboard and mouse simultaneously, you must acquire a twin slot OTG cable. If you live in India, you will be unable to purchase it since Indian purchasing sites do not stock double slot OTG cables.

However, if you live in a country other than India, such as Russia, America, or China, you may be able to purchase it and use both the keyboard and mouse.

Now your small smartphone converts into a portable laptop. You can connect it and use it anywhere.

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