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Some Useful Telegram Tricks You Should Know in 2024

Telegram is the first app that comes to mind if we want to read the latest news, hunt for job possibilities, or discuss anything remotely linked to business.

However, not all users know some useful Telegram tricks that can save them time and energy. Here are a few examples. The list is presented in no particular order.

You can do many fun things using Telegram, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the finest ones below. To receive a quick overview of the tips we’ve provided, look at the table below. Then, click on the tip regarding the Telegram messenger you wish to learn more about.

Edit a Message even after sending it

Have you ever sent a message and then noticed a clear misspelling a few seconds later? On Twitter, there isn’t much of an edit option, but there is one on Telegram. The message may be easily edited by selecting it and then tapping the “Edit (pen)” icon at the top.

However, once you’ve made the modifications, it will display an “Edited” label. Additionally, Telegram does not impose any deadlines on the editing of messages. Only 48 hours after sending a message may it be edited; if it appears in your “Saved Messages” conversation, it can be edited indefinitely.

edit a message telegram

Add People without sharing the Number

A novel tool that lets you find Telegram individuals and groups near you was introduced by Telegram last year. This is incredibly helpful when you want to add someone to Telegram but don’t want to give out your cell number. You may also locate several organisations relating to the location and event if you visit conferences, campuses, or festivals.

Open the Telegram menu and select “Contacts” to add local contacts. Click or touch “Add People Nearby” to get started. Previously, the screen had to be left open for this functionality to function.

telegram nearby feature

Send a message without any Notification

There are instances when we are aware that our loved ones are spending time alone, resting, or attending a conference, yet we still want to communicate with them. On Telegram, there is a function called Silent Messages.

Basically, even if the receiver has not activated DND, you may send messages and they will not vibrate or make any noise. That’s fantastic, no? Write your message in full, then press and hold the “send” button to activate this function. Select “Send without sound” and click “Send,” and you’re done.

Get Instant Translation to Any Message

You may view translations of other users’ messages if you’re conversing with them on Telegram in a different language. To enable the translate button whenever a message arrives that isn’t written in your device’s native language, select Language from the Settings tab and then toggle Show Translate Button to on.

Delete a sent message

You may erase messages you’ve sent, of course, but did you know Telegram just added a new function that allows you to remove messages sent by other users as well? That’s a little strange, but this functionality is for people who value their privacy above everything else.

Simply choose the received message and touch the “delete” button to activate this function. Tap “Delete” after choosing “Also delete for X.” Both sides of the transmission will vanish, leaving no trace behind.

Send a Self-Deleting Message

Although self-destruct is a well-liked feature on Telegram, it is only available in the distinct “Secret Chat” option. You may now self-destruct data like photographs and movies in regular conversations thanks to a new upgrade, though.

Simply choose a picture or a movie, and then click the “timer” button. You may now choose the period of time after which all material will be removed.

Add animated Stickers to Videos or Picture

Yes, thanks to a recent upgrade, you can now use animated Telegram stickers on both still photos and moving pictures. We all adore Telegram’s gorgeous animated stickers, and now you can use them to breathe new life into still photos.

However, bear in mind that photos will convert to GIFs and might lose some quality after applying stickers. Simply choose your image or video and then hit the “brush” symbol at the bottom to activate this function. Tap the sticker icon to add animated stickers to your material after that. I’m done now.

Add Slow Mode to Message Speed

Slow Mode on Telegram is what group administrators need to eliminate pointless spam and keep the conversation flowing. Once the slow mode is enabled and the period is selected, group members are only allowed to send one message during that time.

The group member will have to wait 15 seconds after sending one message before sending another, for example, if you set the time interval to be 15 seconds. It will undoubtedly increase the value of each member and message. By pressing on the Group name and then selecting Edit (a pen icon), Permissions, and Slow Mode, you may enable Slow Mode.

Copy Specific messages instead of whole

You cannot choose a specific passage of text from a message that has been sent to you. It is quite frustrating to have to copy the entire message and then edit it out in the little text space.

But Telegram has made it really easy to pick and copy certain parts of a message. Tap and hold a message to first pick it, then tap and hold it once again to select your contribution to the message.

Start a Quiz or Poll Mode in Telegram Groups or Channel

You may now get the same feature on Telegram Groups if you enjoy Twitter polls. You may design public and anonymous polls, and you can schedule them properly. In addition, a Quiz Mode lets you see who voted for what and what else.

create a poll or vote on telegram

The ability to create quizzes with numerous answers is the finest aspect. Therefore, if you manage a Telegram group, this is the greatest option to make amends with your loved ones. Simply press the “attachment” symbol and choose the “Polls” menu to create polls.

Add a TimeStamp to a Video

On Telegram, we may share films with a pre-determined timestamp as we do on YouTube. For instance, you can enter check the reaction at 1:20 in the video description if you are delivering a long movie and want the recipient to start watching it at that particular moment.

The video now starts playing at the timestamp of 1:20 when the user taps on the highlighted link. This is a useful tip for Telegram users who frequently exchange movies.

Change your Telegram Number without losing previous Chats

A simple method to update my phone number on file without wiping out all of my prior discussions. It’s really simple to change your Telegram number as well. Press Settings first, then your cellphone number, and then tap Done.

You may learn more about what occurs when you change your number from Telegram. In essence, all of your messages will be sent to the new number, and all of your old Telegram contacts—aside from the blocked ones—will immediately be updated to include your new number.

Use Multiple Telegram Accounts on a Single Device

Telegram’s most recent improvements now allow users to have several accounts. For folks like me who like to keep their business and personal accounts separate, this is fantastic. Press the arrow next to your name, then tap Create Account to add a new account.

All that’s left to do is enter your new number and then adhere to the instructions on your screen after finishing that. Once you’ve registered for an account, you may switch between them by clicking the down arrow and selecting the desired account.

use multiple account on telegram

Enable Auto-Night Mode

The auto-night mode might save you a lot of bother if you like to utilise dark themes solely at night to avoid being blinded by the app. The app will automatically convert to dark mode at the predetermined time after you enable auto-night mode.

Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Themes and select Auto-Night Mode to activate the auto-night mode. You may choose between Automatic and Scheduled options here.

Do a secret chat with people

This Telegram method is for you if you like to keep the private information in your chats to yourself and prevent it from being read by a hacker or law enforcement in your nation or area.

While regular Telegram chats are user-to-server encrypted and impossible to read without breaking into Telegram’s servers, Secret Chats raises the bar by offering user-to-user encryption. These conversations should end quickly and shouldn’t be kept on Telegram’s servers.

Change the Default Reaction Button on Telegram

You might have noticed that you can apply the default reaction—a thumbs up unless you’ve altered it—by double-tapping on any message in a conversation. Go to the app’s main Settings page and select Stickers and Emoji and Quick Reaction (on iOS) or Chat Settings and Quick Reaction to change the default reaction (on Android.)

You may long-press on a message (iOS) or tap on a message to open up extra reaction emoji options in addition to the standard rapid reaction (Android). Admins decide if and which reactions are visible in group chats and channels, thus the pop-up menu may alter based on the Telegram discussion you’re in.

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