Rise of Kingdoms and Some Best Commanders Tier List in ROK

Rise of kingdoms is a real-time strategy game for Android and iOS. Since its release in 2018, the game has become the highest-grossing game in the strategy category.

Rise of Kingdoms brings a massive world and highly customizable features to mobile, the likes of which have never been seen before. The game is constantly being expanded, and new features and characters are being added. As an active player, you must stay updated with all the latest updates to find the best commands to lead your nation.

About Rise of Kingdoms (ROK)

If you’ve never played Rise of Kingdoms before, you should know that it is a strategy game that simulates the growth and rise of civilization. When you first start the game, you will enter a new world where you can pick from one of twelve nations to start your civilization. Each historical civilization has its unique architecture and advantages. You must guide your civilization from an isolated nation to a great world power.

Since one of the most crucial aspects of the game is picking a suitable commander, we have created a simple guide to the best commanders you can pick in Rise of Kingdoms. Since the game is constantly being updated and features are always changing. Developers uses A/B testing, which tests different versions of a game simultaneously to see which version gets the best response from players. Considering this we have updated our guide to the latest expansion. Here is a tier list of the best commanders in the game as of May 2022.

Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders

Yi Seong-Gye

You can easily place Yi Seong-Gye as the main commander of your nation or use him as a second commander to any other character in rok. He is considered one of the most powerful and useful of all the commanders in the game. He is great at leading archery units, especially in open field battles. He is also flexible in PVP and PVE and fares well against any other commander in battle.

Genghis Khan

Genghis khan is a formidable commander with strong active skills that can cause serious damage to any opponent. His specialty is his fast rage regeneration which allows him to decrease the cost of his active skills. He usually leads cavalry units in battle, and his special skills allow him to increase the marching speed of the cavalry under his command. His one disadvantage is that he has no healing factor.

Richard I

Richard I is also one of the most robust and useful commanders. He is an expert in leading infantry units in battle. His great defense abilities, combined with his healing ability, make him a great choice for long-drawn-out battles. His weakness is that he is pretty slow and does not have any direct damage skills.

Charles Martel

Charles Martel is considered an expert infantry commander. He is also a great choice for long battles as he possesses strong protection skills. His active skills “Shield of France” lets him absorb large amounts of damage. However, you should know that he has very poor skills in PVE.

Cao Cao

For civilizations that possess special cavalry units, this is the best choice for a commander. He is the fastest commander in the game and is considered a great option for fleeing from battle. He has an active “Dragon Rider” skill that allows him to increase march speed and inflict huge amounts of direct damage. He also possesses a troop healing factor and is excellent for both PVP and PVE.

How to Get Free Gems on the Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is a game that can be downloaded for free but offers many in-app purchases. There is an in-game premium currency of gems. Many players will often find it hard to progress in the game without gems, especially after they have reached a certain level.

If that is also the case for you and you would like to enjoy the game without having to spend money and be hindered in progress, we recommend you try out the rise of kingdoms mod apk.

Modded games are easy to install and run, but they must always be downloaded from reputable sites. You will also need to ensure that the mod you choose to run is functional and updated for the latest version of the game.

You can try out to find a working mod for Rise of Kingdoms and many other massive game titles. This website features the latest mods for almost every notable android app and mobile game.

Best Commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms

The most crucial part of building a successful civilization is picking a suitable commander. You will meet dozens of historical figures that can serve as honorable commanders to your nation. These commanders are based on real historical figures such as Sun Tzu and Julius Caesar.

Each commander possesses unique strengths and weaknesses. You must find a commander fit to lead your nation. You can also upgrade your commander by fighting wars and defeating your enemies. There is an RPG-style skill tree that will allow you to unlock new abilities for your commander.

There are many powerful and mighty commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. The best are the powerful S Tier commanders who are useful in every aspect of the game. These well-rounded characters will serve your nation well if you can obtain them. As mentioned above, the best commanders in ROK include Cao, Charles Martel, Genghis Khan, Richard, and Yi Seong-Gye.

Rise of Kingdoms Codes

In Rise of Kingdoms, codes can be unlocked for freebies and great prizes such as golden keys. Just make sure that the code you are using is not expired and still active. Here are some active and working codes for Rise of Kingdoms.

  • 5Bewu21acn
  • Happycny22
  • L4YtrioGac
  • Tw1XpxW9Z2
  • AmqDQBeGkd
  • rokcny8888
  • k7bjwhfsvq

Final Thoughts

Rise of Kingdoms is a massive game that now offers 28 different commanders for your civilization. Keeping up with every update made to the character’s abilities can be hard. And figuring out the best strategy for your nation can be overwhelming, even for older players of the game. We’ve provided a straightforward tier list of the best commander to use as of May 2022. You can use this guide to carve out a strategy that suits your civilization’s needs.

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