Make JioFi invisible to others but connected to yourself

The steps are easy. By making your WiFi connection invisible, you are actually protecting your wifi from hackers and unauthorized access, except they know device SSID.

For This

  • Login into Jiofi configuration Page
  • Go to settings
  • Tap WiFi Option
  • Go to SSID Broadcast at the bottom
  • Select Disable Option

Your Jiofi device will reboot. Now your wifi connection is invisible.

Now a question will definitely arise in your mind. How would you be able to connect to Jiofi itself when SSID is invisible to all?

The answer is that only those who know SSID will be able to connect to Jiofi.

For this

  • Go to Wifi option in settings
  • Tap Add sign or select option Add wifi network according to the different smartphone.
  • Type SSID exactly same as it was named otherwise you won’t be able to connect to wifi network.
Jiofi Setting
  • Select security type exactly as it was selected.
  • Type Password and save the network
  • Turn the Wifi Option OFF and ON
  • Now you are connected

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