Make JioFi invisible to others but connected to yourself

The steps are easy. By making your JioFi WiFi connection invisible, you are actually protecting your wifi from hackers and unauthorized access, except they know device SSID.

Learn how to block users in JioFi and how to block websites in JioFi

What is Reliance JioFi?

The JioFi is a personal hotspot, similar to those offered by other mobile operators. The Reliance JioFi is a pocket-sized gadget that operates as a bridge between the 4G network and a local Wi-Fi network that it establishes for use by your phone, laptop, and other devices.

It’s a really easy method to connect your house to the internet, and it includes a rechargeable battery, so you can plug it in at home or carry it in your pocket to take your connection with you when you go out.

Interestingly, you can use your phone’s Jio Join app to make calls or send messages through the JioFi. This implies that even if your phone does not support 4G, you may utilise Reliance Jio’s network to the fullest extent possible through the JioFi.

The Reliance JioFi includes a Reliance Jio SIM card, which may be used to connect to the network once enabled. Of course, you may use SIM cards from other carriers in the JioFi if necessary, albeit you will be charged for use on that network.

Why use Reliance JioFi?

Given the low cost of calling in India, the primary reason the majority of people are interested in Jio at the moment is to have access to free, fast, and limitless data.

As of today, mobile data in India is still somewhat costly – a 1GB Vodafone pack in Karnataka, for example, costs Rs. 265. With data starting at only Rs. 25 per GB, Reliance Jio has altered all of that.

As we write this, the speeds are excellent and there are no FUPs. Consuming 10GB of mobile data on another network would be unthinkable, but many people are already doing it on Jio, and that trend is certain to continue at least for the preview offer’s duration.

Many folks are just purchasing a Jio SIM and activating their phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot. The issue with this is that it depletes the phone’s battery, so reducing its usefulness. That is where JioFi comes into play.

Where to Buy Reliance JioFi?

Simply visit a Reliance Digital/Reliance Digital Xpress Mini shop and buy a JioFi. You’ll need a passport picture, one photo ID, and proof of residence. Once you’ve completed the paperwork, the number will be enabled, and you’ll need to contact 180089011977 for Tele verification – the entire procedure is detailed on the packet, and it’s rather simple.

Although the shop personnel claimed that the procedure should take four hours, our experience activating two Reliance Jio connections took more than a day each time.

Make JioFi invisible

For This

  • Login into Jiofi configuration Page
  • Go to settings
  • Tap WiFi Option
  • Go to SSID Broadcast at the bottom
  • Select Disable Option

Your Jiofi device will reboot. Now your wifi connection is invisible.

Now a question will definitely arise in your mind. How would you be able to connect to Jiofi itself when SSID is invisible to all?

The answer is that only those who know SSID will be able to connect to Jiofi.

For this

  • Go to Wifi option in settings
  • Tap Add sign or select option Add wifi network according to the different smartphone.
  • Type SSID exactly same as it was named otherwise you won’t be able to connect to wifi network.
jiofi setting
  • Select security type exactly as it was selected.
  • Type Password and save the network
  • Turn the Wifi Option OFF and ON
  • Now you are connected

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