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Top 6 Lucky Patcher Alternatives for Android

Lucky Patcher is quite popular as it helps you crack into the permissions, make the necessary tweaks and modification as per your wish. Be it cracking in the hardest level of your favourite game or to shut the annoying ads altogether, Lucky Patcher App has been your buddy for the same. 

But isn’t it always good to have alternatives? Surely it does. Also, Lucky patcher works with only selected devices and due to a compatibility issue, you feel a need for some Lucky Patcher alternatives.

You can try these Lucky Patcher Alternatives

1) Freedom APK

Are you eyeing on a premium feature of the game you always wanted to purchase but haven’t purchased yet? Or are you in need of some coins and gems in your favorite game but do not wish to purchase? There are times when you just feel that some coins and gems to crack that one annoying level will make you feel relieved. 

lucky patcher alternatives

Freedom app can help you do this all, this app is pretty much similar to lucky patcher and offers same features. This app allows you to crack and modify Android games and apps. Now you can buy those premium features and enjoy your games to the fullest.

2) Creehack app

There are several online and offline games available on play store. It is often a complicated task to break into online games. There are several famous online games where people feel to use some cheats, codes and cracks. 

Creehack app offers you this facility, apart from hacking the in app purchase of android apps, it helps you to modify the permissions and privileges of most of your famous games.

3) Cheat engine app

It’s a well-known fact that games like strategy games boom beach and clash of clans has a large fan base. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can use some hacks and tricks to excel in this? Cheat engine app provides you the same benefits.  This is an android app.

4) Leoplaycard

This apps like a compact version of the lucky patcher, although it’s new in the market. It does not compromise on the features and facilities. The phrase’ good thing comes in small package’ fits well to this. This app is available to all Android users.

5) Iap free

Apple users, you too have options to enjoy your games by cheats iAPfree works on iOS and provides hassle free access to breaking in the permissions, verifications, and purchases.

6) Iap cracker

When you need something similar to Lucky patcher which can withstand frequent updates and changes in your Ios then your search is over. Iap cracker offers you the same features as lucky patcher and is stable throughout the updates you install.

Now, not only one but you have six other apps that can make you feel lucky. Save a lot of money by escaping license verification and buying gems and coins for your favourite game. If you know any other apps, do not keep to yourself, let us know too.

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