How to fix “LG IMS Stopped Working”

Are you using LG mobile device? Do you get constant LG IMS Stopped Working notification? Well, it’s easy to resolve this issue. Today, at DigitalGyan, we will talk about how to fix this LG IMS Stopped Working Notification issue completely.

Despite leaving the smartphone industry in 2021, many people still adore and utilise LG’s products. Things might have been much worse, but the business offers LG smartphone owners a liberal update policy.

Unfortunately, T-Mobile subscribers who own mobile devices were left with non-functioning devices for a significant portion of the day, with a recurring error message saying “LG IMS has halted.” The good news is that T-Mobile has now released a remedy for the problem.

Follow the steps below if you are seeing the “LG IMS Keeps Stopping” problem pop-up issue. If turning the phone on and off didn’t help, try the next step instead: Even if an error message pops up, you can still move on to the next step (just close the pop-up when needed)

The problem is impacting several LG phones on T-Mobile, as reported by The T-Mo Report on Reddit. For many, the “LG IMS has ceased” notice appeared suddenly, and it persisted even after users ignored it. This effectively rendered LG phones on T-Mobile unusable. Both restarting and even resetting the phone did not solve the issue.

lg ims stopped working - how to fix it 2022

To answer your question, IMS is a system designed to properly route phone calls and SMS messages across data networks, enabling you to make and receive calls and texts over LTE and 5G.

One of the core architectural components for phone services on contemporary Android devices, the networking functionality is essential to making your phone function as, well, a phone.

getting notification for lg ims stopped working
LG IMS Issue

The issue appears to be limited to the network of this particular carrier in LG’s situation since it appears that something went wrong with the installation of the IMS services on T-Mobile.

How to fix LG IMS Stopped Working?

Earlier this morning, T-Mobile recognised the problem and stated that it was “actively working with LG” to find a solution.

According to an update published this afternoon by The T-Mo Report, a reliable source has confirmed that a remedy has really begun to be distributed and that customers who are experiencing the problem should reset their handsets. It can take up to 24 hours for everyone to receive this update.

In the meanwhile, if you’re still having issues and would want to try a manual fix, you can adhere to the guidelines below.

A knowledgeable LG phone owner discovered and shared a fix on Reddit, which appears to have helped many people. What you must do is as follows:

  • To stop the error notice from appearing repeatedly, switch your LG phone to aeroplane mode.
  • Access App details by going to Settings -> Apps & Notifications.
  • Enable the display system by tapping the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner.
  • In the list, look for com.lge.ims.rcsprovider and touch it.
  • Press the following buttons in the following sequence to display the detailed overview for this app:
  • force stop, clean storage/data, and cache. Some of these three choices may be accessed under storage information, depending on the version of Android that is installed on your phone.)
  • You might need to perform step 5 above several times for the issue to resolve itself.
  • Users have fixed the issue by clearing the com.lge.ims.rcprovider cache also.

There is regrettably no assurance that this method will really work for everyone, but the tipper claims that it has fixed the issue for three separate LG phones in their home, so it is likely to work for you as well.

Leave aeroplane mode or remove your SIM card

You may either retain aeroplane mode on your LG phone or remove the SIM card if the following procedure doesn’t work for you or you find it too time-consuming. You will no longer be able to send or receive texts, make calls, or connect to the mobile network, however, for some users, this did stop the error messages from appearing. When LG and T-Mobile have a good solution for the problem, you will be able to use your phone at least on Wi-Fi.

Update your Device

Updating your smartphone will remove the notice and restore IMS connectivity.

  • Tap the Settings gear from your list of applications.
  • Select System or the General tab, as appropriate.
  • Select App Updates from the Update Center.
  • Choose the LG IMS Improved Download option, then wait for the update to finish.

To restart your smartphone, hold down the Power key while doing so.

Other Methods to Fix LG IMS Stopped Working Issue

Knowing how to cure the unpleasant pop-up caused by the LG ims is the best course of action. Fortunately, there are various ways to do this, and at least one of them ought to work for you to restore the functionality of the broken LG IMS. They consist of:

do factory reset to fix lg ims stopped working
  • Removing recent updates and patches.
  • To alter the IP version, use the hidden menu.
  • Device factory reset.
  • Android LG IMS app should be disabled.
  • Restart your Android device.
  • Clear the cache on the system and LG.

Try changing IP Address by using Hidden Menu

The LG IMS problem may potentially be caused by the current IP version that is active on your device. Change the IP version using the hidden menu by following the steps below to rule out this as the pop-source; up’s

  • Dial 277634#*#
  • Look for and choose “IP version”
  • Change “IPV6V4” to “IPV4V6”

Switch on flight mode, modify IP settings, and then turn the mode off if the procedure is interrupted.

clear system to fix lg ims stopped working issue

The reason behind LG IMS Issue

We don’t know what caused the IMS failures, but the T-Mo Report’s source claims that T-Mobile started a network-side system update and that the LG phones’ IMS problem wasn’t discovered until the update was finished.

More Battery Usage

When monitoring battery utilisation and noticing the framework mentioned with other battery-draining programmes, many users have connected LG ims with high battery consumption.

VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling multimedia features are made possible by LG ims, as was previously announced. Realistically, we anticipate that Wi-Fi usage will fuel battery consumption. Therefore, even though you could blame the programme, it is unrelated to power consumption.

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