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How to Remove Water from a Phone Speaker?

The sinking feeling that comes over you when you drop your phone in water is all too familiar. The speaker is a typical entry point for moisture into a phone.

It’s not easy to dry off a phone once it’s submerged. Your phone’s speaker has been wet, and in this article, we’ll show you how to dry it out.

Clean your Phone Speaker with a Cloth or Paper

When water comes in touch with the speaker on your phone, you should clean it immediately. Your phone and the speaker should be carefully cleaned with a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth until no sign of water remains.

Before attempting to use the speaker, let it dry for at least 24 hours. Try the following step if it sounds muddled or less clear than you’re used to.

Put the Phone in a Bowl of Rice

Another DIY solution to remove water from a phone speaker is placing your phone in a bowl of rice for the night to remove moisture from it.

Even though this approach has no assurance, many individuals have found success, so it’s absolutely worth a go.

put phone in rice to fix water inside

Use Third-Party Water Remover Apps

There are download applications that can assist you in getting rid of the water in your phone’s speaker grill, whether you have an iPhone or an Android device. These applications emit sound waves powerful enough to force water out of the speaker.

You may use Water Eject and Speaker Cleaner on iPhones to make a noise that will force water out of your speaker. Speaker Cleaner is an excellent choice for Android smartphones.

One can use these App on the PlayStore (Android): Speaker cleaner – Remove water

For App Store (iOS): Speaker Cleaner – Water Remove

Remove Water By Gently Shaking the Phone

Shake the smartphone slightly to get water out of the charging ports, but don’t shake it vigorously because that might spread the liquid inside even more. After that, leave the phone for some time; any water that would be there would eventually dry out.

Use a can of compressed air

Another option for removing water from your phone speaker is to use a can of compressed air. Hold the can about six inches away from the speaker and spray a short burst of air into the speaker. This can help to dislodge any water that may be trapped inside.

Go to Authentic Repair Center

It may be possible that none of the attempts helps fix the water issue from your phone’s speaker. Sending your phone to the manufacturer’s service facility for repair would be your final choice if none of the aforementioned remedies was successful.

If your phone is water-resistant and still covered by warranty, you may be able to get it fixed for free or at a reduced price. Even though the product is advertised as water-resistant, most manufacturers do not cover water damage under warranty. Even though it will cost you more money, you should still be able to save the speaker.


Okay, so these were tips and techniques to remove water from a phone speaker. Your phone should be cleaned, placed in a rice dish, and allowed to dry for up to 24 hours gently.

Try to avoid using or attempting to charge your phone at the same time. In order to avoid further damage, it is also strongly advised that you avoid using an external heat source to dry it. Finally, think about having the phone repaired at a licenced service facility.

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