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Can You fix iPhone Charging Port DIY? | Repair Cost

Your iPhone may not be charging correctly for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that you’ll need to restart your phone, inspect the Lightning cable for kinks and breakage, and double-check that your power supply is operational.

If you’ve checked all of these items and the problem persists, it’s conceivable that there’s enough debris in your port to prevent the connector from creating a secure connection.

Yes, the port on your iPhone may become so filthy that it stops operating. Small pieces of dirt, dust, and lint can get inside it whenever you place it in a pocket or purse. WhTheirt is compressed and packed deep into the port. When you insert the cable, It may eventually get so clogged with junk that it ceases to function.

How to fix the charging port on iPhone

You’ll need a flashlight or a powerful LED desk lamp to look deep into the Lightning port, so the pressurised better. While pressurised air is an excellent place to start, just one item will work in the port to get out of stuck-in dirt: a toothpick.

Never use anything other than wood to clean the Lightning port, such as a pin or metal rod. The port contains sensitive electronics, and slamming it with a sharp metal pin might irreversibly harm it.

Our iPhones are everyday companions for many of us. We carry them everywhere, and because of this, they are prone to wear and tear. The Lightning connector on an iPhone is one of the most typical parts to fail.

fix charging port on iphone

If your Lightning port is damaged, your iPhone will not charge until repaired. That might be aggravating, especially if you don’t have any other options for charging.

In this post, we’ll guide you on how to restore a faulty Lightning port on your own. They’re easy enough to accomplish at home, so you shouldn’t be without your phone for long. Let’s have a look at fixing the charging port on the iPhone.

Simple method to fix charging port on iPhone

Completely turn off your iPhone. To shut down your device, visit the Settings app and hit “General,” then “Shut Down.

“Use some compressed air to clear the dirt near the charging port, or blow strong air to remove dust. Controlled bursts of air into the port while holding the compressed air can upright (so it only shoots air and not wet propellant). Restart your phone and attempt to charge it. If it doesn’t work, it’s time to try using a toothpick.

With your phone switched off, carefully slide the toothpick into the port and scrape it against the port’s interior wall. Because there are sensitive pins on the interior wall nearest to the front of the phone, don’t apply pressure there. In addition to those pins, the sides include two little spring-mounted anchors that latch onto the Lightning port when you enter it (this is why the cable “snaps” into place as you put it in). If you smash anything, its charging days are gone for good.

Give the port another burst of compressed air after you’ve used the toothpick for a time to help remove whatever you’ve loosened. Turn the phone back on and attempt to charge it if you get some dirt out. Congratulations, you’re back in business if it works.

If it still doesn’t work – Repairing cost to fix the iPhone charging port

iPhone Charging Port Repair MethodsPrice Estimation
Cleaning$ 0
DIY Repairing $ 5 – 100
Apple Service Centre$ 79 – 599
Insurance$ 99 – 250

Cleaning Charging Port on iPhone

Lint and other debris can accumulate in the charging port over time, preventing the contacts from forming a secure connection to the charging cable, mainly if you keep your iPhone in your pocket or handbag. To get rid of it, follow these procedures.

  • Disconnect the charger from your iPhone and turn it off.
  • Try blowing compressed air into the port to check whether it will charge.
  • If compressed air doesn’t work, use a toothpick to remove the debris.

To remove lint from the charging port thoroughly, you may need to cycle between compressed air and the toothpick. Take care not to damage the contacts. Once the debris is cleared, your charger should be able to form a stable connection and charge your iPhone.

DIY fix charging port on iPhone (Do it Yourself)

You can change your own iPhone charging port if you’re tech knowledgeable and patient. It’s the cheapest replacement option, but it needs you to disassemble your iPhone, so don’t do it if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Depending on your iPhone model, you may expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $100 for a replacement charging port. Most of them are offered as charging port/flex cable combos, which are easier to replace than solo charging ports because they do not need soldering. If you don’t already have the tools you’ll need, toolkits start at $5.

fix charging port on iphone

Check for the Software which might be affecting

Let’s start with the simplest solution: the software on your phone. It’s the software that instructs your phone to charge when you plug it in. To try this procedure, you’ll need to do a hard reset or force reset on your phone. Hold both the on/off and the home buttons for up to 30 seconds to perform a hard reset.

Your phone will eventually restart, with the screen becoming black first, then the Apple logo appearing on the screen. Stop holding both buttons when the Apple logo shows and let the phone restart. After the phone has completely rebooted, try connecting it to your charger.

Hopefully, this simple method was successful in resolving your issue. If that isn’t the case, you’ll want to move on to the next option.

Check for the Charging Cable

Examine your Lightning Cable to check if there is any noticeable damage to it. Inspect the cord as well as the connection. If you see any damage, it may be time to purchase a new Lightning Cable.

If there is no apparent damage, try charging your iPhone with your computer by connecting it to your Lightning Cable and then plugging the cable into your computer’s USB port. If this procedure fails, you may have found the source of the problem.

Finally, please remember that non-Apple (off-brand) Lightning Cables are likelier to wear out and break than Apple Lightning Cables.

Check for the Charging Adapter

If the first two procedures failed, it’s time to look at your Wall Adapter. Trying to insert your Wall Adapter into a different outlet is the simplest approach to ensure it is operating properly. This may seem silly, but there are instances when a fuse in your house or apartment blows, leaving one outlet or room without electricity. Use a different Lightning Cable if your outlets are working correctly.

If both cords yield the same result, you’ll know your Wall Adapter is broken.

Apple Service Centre – fix the charging port on iPhone

A professional repair shop may be able to replace your iPhone charging port, which is a safer alternative. Local choices may frequently finish the repair in a single day, either in-store or on-site. Although online mail-in repair services take longer, they are a viable choice if no local repair shops are available.

Depending on your model, professional iPhone charging port replacement will cost between $79 and $599 – but keep in mind that Apple’s repair costs will distort that range. Charging port repair costs between $100 and $120 at mail-in repair services like iFixYouri and iFixScreens.

Insurance Claim

If you have iPhone insurance, you may make a claim with your insurer directly, who may provide mail-in, in-store, or on-location repair options. Instead of repairing and returning your iPhone, some firms will send you a reconditioned replacement the next day.

Depending on your model and insurance carrier, you may expect to pay a deductible of $99 to $250. Here are some examples of deductibles for iPhone charging port repairs.

Fix using a Hair Dryer

This is a challenging fix to perform, especially if you have done it before. Recognise the possibility of further damage, which might void any warranties or insurance coverage.

  • Heat the front glass with a hair drier, heat gun, or iOpener to weaken the underlying adhesive.
  • Pry along the seam with a spudger or guitar picks and carefully lift the front glass. Suction cups might assist in the lifting of the glass.
  • To get to the charging port/flex cable assembly, unscrew and unhook internal components.
  • Reassemble your iPhone after installing the new charging port.

Should I sell my iPhone or fix the charging port?

Should you repair or sell your broken iPhone charging port? If you want to upgrade soon, you can base your decision on how much your iPhone is worth, broken vs fixed. Calculate the net value of your iPhone once the charging port has been repaired (you can look up the current value of your iPhone on Flipsy).

An iPhone X 64GB on the Verizon network, for example, was worth $255 in good condition at the time of writing. Here’s a breakdown of how much it’s worth following various repair choices. Then, compare the net value after repair to the value of your iPhone in its damaged state. A broken iPhone X 64GB on the Verizon network was worth $105 at the time of writing.

iPhone X Value – Cost of Repair = Net Value After Repair

As seen in the table, repairing our sample iPhone yourself, filing an AppleCare+ claim, or taking it to an independent repair shop would result in a much higher net worth.

However, because the Verizon insurance deductible leaves you with a net value of just $26, and Apple repair costs more than the phone is worth, you’d be losing money if you chose those alternatives.

Cost of iPhone Charging Port in India

We did our research to find out the approximate idea of how much it cost to manage the replacement of the charging port of various iPhone models. Of course, you need to shed more money on service fees. These are just hardware prices.

MMOBIEL Dock Connector Replacement Compatible with iPhone 7

This DIY charging port replacement kit of iPhone 7 is available for just Rs. 689. It sounds pretty cheap. But you should be warned that this is just a compatible product, not a genuine Apple product. You may try it if you know what you are doing.

LAYONEX Micro USB Charging Port for iPhone 8 Plus

This charging jack replacement for iPhone 8 Plus is also available for an affordable price of Rs. 689 in India. But please make sure to read their disclaimer. They recommend a professional install this product on your damaged phone despite it is a DIY product. But, in my opinion, that’s wise advice, especially when you are not much technical person.

If you are searching for the cost of charging port replacement for any other Apple device, please let us know in the comments section, we will do our best to find relevant details.

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