How to Fix Runtime Error 372

There are a host of run time errors that can slow down a Windows computer at any time. Most of these issues are related to programming bugs that were not detected at the time of development.

Runtime error 372 is a glitch associated with the Microsoft Visual Basic software, one that occurs when attempting to load an ImageList control. This run time error is typically the result of a missing or outdated mscomctl.ocx file. Although these errors can be a terrible annoyance, solving them is a simple matter of troubleshooting.

What Causes Runtime Error 372?

There are several issues that can generate a Runtime error 372. One is a conflict of colour depth within icons, the desktop or a particular application. In the Visual Basic environment. This error may occur if the ImageList control consists of more colours than the depth of what the Windows desktop can actually support. There are essentially two ways to fix Runtime error 372.

1.) Adjust the icons to utilize a lower colour depth and recompile the Visual Basic program using that lower depth. For example, you could use 8-bit colour rather than 16-bit or 24-bit.

2.) Increase the colour depth on the computer system the program is running on. To change the colour depth on Windows, right-click on the desktop and click Properties. Click on the Settings tab. Select Color Quality and click to choose a higher number of display colours. After making the selection, click Apply and then OK. In this case, runtime error 372 is a design flaw related to Visual Basic 6.0. Enterprise and Professional Edition.

Runtime Error 372 and the Registry

Even when Runtime error 372 is the result of missing files, those problems are mainly tied to the Windows registry. When a program has missing, invalid or corrupt entries in the registry, the application will have difficulty loading. Although run time errors are often the result of programming flaws, many of them can also be attributed to everyday computing.

The frequent downloading of files, along with installing and uninstalling of applications, results in drastic changes to your computer. While changes can be good, this is not necessarily true when it comes to a computer system. Bad program installations occur quite frequently, often leading to files being overwritten and keys being abandoned in the registry. When this happens, errors such as Runtime error 372 are bound to occur.

The Solution to Run time Errors

The best way to fix run time errors is to install a registry cleaner on your computer. These programs are very effective and extremely easy to use, relying on advanced technology to scan the registry, detect and automatically repair your system.

Because there are so many registry cleaners on the market both free and commercial, it is important to do your homework and make sure you invest in a reliable program. When equipped with the right solution, you can eliminate the dreaded Runtime error 372 error and keep your PC running at optimal levels.

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