How to Back Up Gmail Items to Another Account?

Gmail is one of the most popular email services millions worldwide use. It is a free and reliable email service provided by Google. However, like any other online service, Gmail is not immune to data loss or hacking. Therefore, it is always recommended to back up your Gmail data to another account for safekeeping.

Ever gone looking for an old email with an all-important PowerPoint attached that you could not find? Alternatively, better yet, ever lost a critical Gmail email from your manager and needed to ask him for input yet again? awkward

This happens all too often in any business all around the world. Google’s cloud-based email system is vital to many small businesses around the world. However, losing our data at the stroke of a key is easy if you accidentally delete emails you think you will not need in the future. Let’s look at the options to back up Gmail emails: here’s how you can keep your data safe and easily recoverable.

Gmail Emails are not Automatically Backed Up

Cloud providers like G Suite (former Google Apps) offer decent data retention capabilities. However, they have limited recovery options and cannot guarantee that data is always recoverable. The solution? Backup Gmail using either Google Vault or a separate cloud backup solution that will keep your data safe from harm.

When users delete cloud files (whether Gmail emails, Calendars, Contacts or other objects), they will be surprised to know they do not readily have a backup. Google can guarantee that their services will be online and functional 99.99% of the time. However, if you deleted a file more than 30 days ago, you may not be able to recover it.

How to Back Up Gmail Email

There are a few ways you can go about backing up cloud data, like Gmail email. One of them is the Google Vault archiving service.

Google Vault

Google Vault is a service that adds archiving and eDiscovery services to G Suite. You may back up Gmail items like email, contacts, calendar, Google Sites, Google Drive, and shared public folders. The service costs an extra $5 per user, per month, for G Suite Business plan users.

However, this would mean all your data is in the hands of one cloud provider. Not all businesses are comfortable with that (and compliance might get in the way), so there are alternative solutions like Cloud Backup from StorageCraft, a dedicated data protection company that’s been producing backup software for over 14 years.

Cloud Backup 

A system that is built for administrators, allowing quick access to data. Back up Gmail email, contacts, calendar, Google Sites, Google Drive, and Public Shared Folders. Cloud Backup allows easy data management and administration, so the data is always available in easy-to-use formats. You can restore the original Gmail account, or you can restore it to a different account. It even makes migration easy if you are looking to move to Office 365.

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